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4 Urban Plant Fertilizers with Zero Waste

We can use zero-waste plant fertilizers, plants will also help us eliminate waste in the kitchen.

Chintu Das
Egg Shells
Egg Shells

Plants brings life to our homes and workplaces. They remove chemicals from the air we breathe and can also make us feel better and relax. When we use these zero-waste plant fertilizers, plants will also help us eliminate waste in the kitchen.

Coffee grounds may be used as a mulch:

You probably have expended coffee grounds in your kitchen if you like your morning cup of java. If you have a compost pile in your garden, they are a perfect addition. Alternatively, you may actually add coffee grounds or even black coffee to a variety of plants. The fields serve as mulch and continue to enrich the soil with organic matter.

Coffee is extremely acidic, but some plants can tolerate it better than others. Philodendron, Christmas cactus, jade trees, African violets, and peace lilies are among the house plants that enjoy it.

What to do: In acid-loving plants, scatter a thin layer of coffee grounds over the soil or blend a small amount into the soil before transplanting. Once or twice a year is enough, because it's a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

What not to do: Coffee with sweeteners or creamer drinks should be avoided. Caffeine will stunt the growth of plants, so don't overdo it with the coffee. A little goes a long way in this case.

Cooking Water That Has Been Cooled:

Any nutrients can end up in the water when we boil or steam our food. Cooking water may be repurposed to supply nutrients to your plants at a reduced cost whilst still conserving energy.

What to do: Begin slowly to discover what your plants like the most. It's safer to use water from noodles, eggs, tomatoes, or vegetables that have been baked.

What not to do: Take caution not to burn your plants. Enable the water to cool entirely before watering the plants, and don't water them right after frying.

Ground Eggshells are a great way to add some extra nutrition:

Calcium is required for plants to expand their walls and grow. Your houseplants would thank you for having an eggshell reward because they are rich in calcium. If you have extra eggshells, you can use them to supply calcium to your greenhouse or to deter slugs.

What to do: Enable the eggshells to air dry after rinsing them. Using a coffee grinder, mixer, or mortar and pestle, ground them into a fine powder.

What not to do: Since the calcium in the eggshells is inaccessible to the plants, don't use them in big parts. Don't overdo the calcium in your plants. If you're using other fertilizers, look for calcium on the label.

Green Tea Will Help Fertilize Your Plants:

Save your green tea bags for your houseplants instead of tossing them away after heating a cup. The nutrition it contains would be really pleasing to them. Green tea, like coffee, can turn the soil mildly acidic.

What to do: Before feeding the tea to your plants, let it cool completely.

What not to do: Green tea is harmful to alkaline-loving plants, so don't give it to them.

Bottom Line:

Find your time to fertilize your houseplants and transplant them if they've outgrown their pots.

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