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8 Best Vegetables to Grow in Monsoon

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina

In India, the best time to sit back and enjoy is monsoon season. After the hot summer, the smell of fresh wet earth gives relaxing effect to body and mind. Mother-nature not only showers freshness on us but also on plants. The plant looks greener and the rainwater uses it superpower and benefits yield than tap water.

We all make mistakes in sowing wrong seeds at the wrong time. Some plants needs different factors such as temperature level, humidity, pH range of soil to grow. Extreme variation in temperature can be harmful for the plants. Therefore, it is very important to know which season is appropriate for which type of plant.

Here is a list of the best vegetables to grow in monsoon:


Cucumber loves water and sun and is an easy to grow vegetable. As they receive constant water and warmth, it grows in a snap. Because of its climbing abilities it can easily grow small area too.

They are used in salads and also make a perfect filling for sandwiches. It needs good amount of sunlight, and grows well in moist and well- drained soil and ideal temperature to grow is 16-32°c.


They are super easy to grow. The ideal time to grow them is June-Aug in North India and July-Aug in South India. They are sun lovers but they also require well- drained soil to grow. The ideal temperature to grow is between 21°c-27°c. You can also grow cherry tomatoes at home.


It is an easy to grow and ready to harvest in 3 weeks after planting. In the growing season it can be planted multiple times. It is used in soups and salads and adds a peppery flavor. It takes very less space to grow and grows in the month of August- January. It thrives in well- drained soil.


They are very easy to plant, harvest and maintain. They are very productive and nutritious. The ideal time to grow them is between July-August. It also need very less space to grow and grows best in sun and shade both.

Green Chillies

To spice up dishes, monsoon is the best season to grow green chillies and Indian food tastes incomplete without spices. It grows best in warm and humid weather. Sunny spot with limited shade is required to grow chillies. It needs 5-6 hours of sunlight daily.


Brinjal is also known as eggplant and is rich in calcium, iron and fiber. It is a part of various famous dishes and is a staple part in many cuisines in the world. They need a big space to thrive unlike other plants. They don’t need extra feeding and nutrients other than water and sun.

Lady Finger/ Okra

It is low in calories and rich in Vitamin A. Because of it beautiful flowers it looks lovely throughout its growing season and is a great addition to the diet. They need proper sunlight to grow.


It comes in many types of species with their unique size, shape and color. They are very easy to grow. It grows well on trellis, keeping fruits from touching the land.

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