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Check Out 10 Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Fruits, those oddly shaped sweetly colored objects that we eat without feeling guilty about. They're nutritious, full of vitamins, and we may eat them raw or in desserts, or cook them to add their distinct flavor to our food. Top 10 costliest fruits in the world are mentioned in the article.

Chintu Das
Square Watermelon
Square Watermelon

Fruits, those oddly shaped sweetly coloured objects that we eat without feeling guilty about. They're nutritious, full of vitamins, and we may eat them raw or in desserts, or cook them to add their distinct flavour to our food.

While we used to be limited to the fruits that were available in our neighborhood, we now have access to nearly anything from anywhere. It's only that we pay different amounts for them. They can be as cheap as a few bucks, yet they can also be as expensive as a slice of meat. That's what happens when we wish for exotic fruits from other places. They need to find a way to get them to us. Also, to keep them hydrated when traveling.

However, some people go a step farther and develop modified varieties of exotic fruits. You won't find them growing like that in nature, and if you want to try them, you'll have to pay a lot more money. How much is it? What if we told you that for some of those prices, you could get a decent car?

Top 10 Costly Fruits 

Let's see what are the Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits;

- ​Pear of Buddha Shape

According to folklore, eating these Buddha pears will make you everlasting. They're grown in special molds to give them their distinctive shape, and each one costs $9 (Rs 666). According to the history of these miniature pears, the idea of producing Buddha statue-shaped pears was invented by Xianzhang Hao, who created them in his farm in China's Hebei region.

- Sekai Ichi Apples

These are Sekai Ichi Apples, which means "World's Number One" in English. They can grow up to 15 inches in diameter and weigh up to 1 kilo.

They are the world's most costly and largest apples, with a single apple costing $21 (Rs 1,554). The fact that these apples are hand pollinated, washed in honey, and hand stamped sets them apart from other apples. These apples are considered to be among the greatest in the world, and their sweet flavour makes them one of the most popular apple varieties worldwide.

- Taiyo No Tamago Mangoes

The egg-shaped mangoes known as Taiyo no Tamago, or "eggs in the sun," are grown in Japan. The highest price ever paid for a pair of these extraordinary mangoes was $3,000 (Rs 2,22,000). Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes are among the best and most expensive mangoes on the planet. The flavor of these unique mangoes is well worth the price!

- Heligan Pineapple

We all know that pineapples don't grow in Europe, and that the weather in England isn't exactly pleasant. However, this is just half-true. Pineapples may be grown in Europe, and the temperature of England is suitable for growing pineapples. That is, with a little human assistance and a single one will cost you $1,500 (Rs 1,11,000).

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, United Kingdom, is the last spot in Europe where pineapples may be found. It's a pineapple pit, the type employed by Victorian gardeners in the 1800s. Large amounts of fresh manure and urine-soaked hay are required to heat up the pit where the pineapples are planted, as well as a lot of manual labor.

- Dekopon Citrus

Dekopon Citrus is a delicious, seedless mandarin and orange hybrid. A mandarin orange is a type of citrus fruit. They were originally planted in 1972 and are prized for their sweetness, with many people considering them to be the best oranges on the planet.

And where else but Japan could they be sold? They come in a bag of six for a hefty $80 (Rs 5,920), so these aren't fruits you should buy with the leftover change from your last grocery store. Make sure your wallet is fully loaded and ready to go.

- Semikiya Queen Strawberries

These strawberries are exotic and rich, just like their name suggests. A pack of 12 Sembikiya Queen strawberries costs 85 dollars (about Rs 6,290), but the color, flavor, texture, and form distinguish these strawberries from others. Each strawberry is hand-picked, and they all have the same form, texture, and flavor. In fact, these strawberries are regarded as some of the most delectable in the world.

- Square Watermelons

Summer is here, and it would be tough to imagine this season without delectable watermelons, but would you be willing to spend approximately Rs 60,000 for a 5 kilogram watermelon? Well, the pricing may surprise you, but it is correct! Watermelons, whether cube or square, are one of the most expensive fruits. The shape of this common-but-unusual watermelon will catch your eye; yet, the only difference is the shape; otherwise, these watermelons taste exactly like other watermelons; however, the shape is what makes it so pricey. Watermelons were first cultivated in Japan, and they were grown in square wood box moulds to give them this eye-catching shape.

- Ruby Romans

Ruby Romans, or table grapes, are the Japanese grapes in question. They're about the same size as a ping pong ball. A single bunch of these enormous grapes costs $4,000 (Rs 2,96,000), when a kilo of normal grapes costs only Rs 120.

- Densuke Watermelon

Only the Japanese island of Hokkaido produces these black, immaculate watermelon. This is sold at the Tokiyo Sembikiya flagship store. Each watermelon is over 11 kg in weight and has a distinct sweet, flavor, and taste. Each one of them costs around $6,100 (Rs 4,51,400).

Even if you are willing to pay the price, you will not be able to purchase this watermelon easily. It's because, after participating in auctions, just 100 lucky people can purchase those watermelons each year.

People could purchase a whole car for that much, but they still line up at auctions to get this pricey watermelon.

- Yubari King Melon

The Yubari King Melon is a cross between two other melons that developed on the same Hokkaido Island as the above and takes its name from the island's Yubari greenhouses.

The melons are perfectly round with a smooth rind and a little of the stem left on top to boost their appearance. They're exceedingly soft and tasty, and they're given out as gifts during Chugen, a traditional Bhuddist and Taoist festival. While the average price of a melon is now $12,000 (Rs 8,88,000), two of them were sold for a whopping $30,000 (Rs 22,00,000) in 2008, making them the world's most expensive fruits.

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