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Coconut Farming: Earn Lakhs By Cultivating This Tree With Longest Fruiting Period

Profitable Business Idea: From north to south, Coconut is sold all over India. From religious functions to medicines & cosmetics, it has a variety of uses. Coconut tree continues fruiting for as long as 80 years. Therefore, cultivating it can be very beneficial.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Coconut Tree
Coconut Tree

Profitable Business Idea: From north to south, Coconut is sold all over India. From religious functions to medicines & cosmetics, it has a variety of uses. The coconut tree continues fruiting for as long as 80 years.  Therefore, cultivating it can be very beneficial. 

The coconut plant is also called ‘Kalpavriksha’ or ‘the plant of heaven’ as it is more than 10 meters tall. India ranks number one in the world in coconut production. The cultivation of coconut doesn’t take much effort; you can earn in lakhs with very less investment with coconut farming.  Its cultivation does not require pesticides and expensive fertilizers. However, white flies can damage coconut plants. That's why farmers must take precautions in this regard. 

Uses of Coconut Tree 

There are numerous health benefits of coconut. The liquid that is found in green coconut or coconut water is very nutritious. At the same time, its pulp is used for eating. Every part of the coconut tree is used in some form or the other which increases its commercial value. The uses of different parts of the coconut tree are given below:

  • The Flesh: Food, Milk, and Flour

  • The Water: A Healthy, Refreshing Drink

  • The Oil: For Cooking, Skin, and Hair

  • The Shells: To Steam Food and Craft With

  • The Husks: A Natural Scrubber and Craft Material, Ropes

  • Tree Leaves: Thatching

  • The Wood: Fires in Traditional Kitchens

  • The Flowers: Medicine

Planting Time for Coconuts: 

The right time to grow Coconut plants is after the rainy season. Coconut Tree starts giving fruit in 4 years. When the color of its fruit turns green, it is plucked. Further, it takes more than 15 months to ripen its fruit.  

Soil & Weather Requirements For Coconut  Cultivation  

Sandy soil is required for coconut cultivation. It cannot be cultivated in black and rocky soil. There should be good drainage in the field for its cultivation. The fruits require normal temperature and warm weather to ripen. At the same time, it does not require much water. The water supply is completed by rain water. 

Coconut Farming: Irrigation  

Coconut seedlings are irrigated using Drip Method as they are water sensitive & can even die due to excessive water. The roots of coconut plants require light moisture in the beginning. During the summer season, the plant must be watered at an interval of three days. Whereas, in the winter season weekly one irrigation is enough. 

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