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Current Scenario of Poultry Sector in Assam; Check Top Breeds of Birds

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Poultry farming in Assam

Assam as a state has majority of the people as non-vegetarian, there is a huge upright demand for eggs and poultry as meat. 

As per the latest census, the total population in Assam is around 355 lakh. If we consider the total populace to be non-vegetarian and as per ICMR proposal i.e. 180 eggs for each person per year, complete egg consumption for the state is around 639 crore per year. In addition, for meat utilization, ICMR proposal stands @ 10.8 kg per year for every individual, total meat necessity for the state is 3834 lakh kgs per year. Considering 40% of the absolute meat necessity to be poultry meat, yearly poultry meat prerequisite for the state is 1534 lakh kgs. 

Famous breeds of birds in Assam: 

- Miri 

- Daothaigir 

- Kamrupa 

- Kalinga Brown 

- Pati Duck 

- Vanaraja 

Egg Production in Assam: 

Currently, the state produces around 28 lakh eggs per day, however it is not able to suffice the total egg demand of the people of Assam. This shortcoming can be dealt with the establishment of private commercial layer farms and by increasing backyard poultry farming. 

- Commercial layer farm establishment: 

Layer farm establishment can be a major step in tackling the egg shortage problem in Assam. Currently, there are around 10 to 12 commercial layer farms in Assam with a holding capacity between 2500 to over 40000 birds. 

Financial support is provided to the interested entrepreneur under EDEG component of National Livestock Mission. Recently many new entrepreneurs are coming up and availing the opportunity to set up their farms. 

More financial aid has been proposed in the draft “Poultry Development Policy of Assam”, which will further encourage the interested entrepreneurs. 

- Backyard farming: 

Backyard poultry farming is a well established practice in this area which can contribute by extending the egg and meat creation. However, this conventional practice is unorganized. 

Backyard poultry farming is of great importance. However, accessibility to hatching eggs is the primary obstacle. Some of the authorized firms are keeping parent stock of LIT (low input technology) birds and they are providing the DOC (day old chick) to the interested entrepreneurs. Even then, they are not able to cover all the needy farmers. To tackle this, the Department has proposed the revival of 18 Govt. Poultry/Duck farms under RIDF. 

Production of Meat in Assam: 

As stated earlier, ICMR proposal stands @ 10.8 kg per year for every individual, total meat necessity for the state is 3834 lakh kgs per year. Considering 40% of the absolute meat necessity to be poultry meat, yearly poultry meat prerequisite for the state is 1534 lakh kgs. 

According to information available as per the state Animal Husbandry and Veterinary office, 150 MT of meat was delivered in Assam during the time of 2018-19 as against the market request of 375 MT of meat during a similar period. 

The major problem in the broiler department is the cost of hatching eggs. Due to non-accessibility to parent breeding farms in Assam, the private incubators working in the state imports hatching eggs from other states at significant expense. 

Establishing a broiler parent breeding farm in Assam will lessen the production cost of ready birds, which will reinforce this sector. Many provisions of financial aid have been made in the draft poultry development policy to empower entrepreneurs for setting up of Broiler Breeding Farm. 

Departmental Poultry/ Duck Farm in Assam: 

Currently,12 out of 22 farms are operational. The majority of these farms were upheld under different plans like CSS, RKVY, State plan and so forth. However, the operations could not be started for few of the farms due to the non-availability of  operational funds.  

Majorly these farms were established to provide demonstration and production of chick for LIT birds, however only a handful farms are providing the necessary services. 

Starting operations in all the available farms in the state is necessary for maintaining the optimum levels of parent stock of LIT birds and proper production of hatching eggs. The farms will incubate these eggs in their incubators and will create DOC which will be provided to the farmers at a Govt. affirmed rate. Taking up these measures as well as promoting backyard farming will definitely help in curbing the current poultry related issues of the state. 

Poultry Development Policy Assam, 2019-2024 

- Objectives: 

Poultry Development Policy aims to increase & upgrade poultry production in Assam and convert the status of the state from a large importer to a large exporter. The policy also shares insight on improving current market concerns through a concurrent and multi layer activity with emphasis on innovation and framework, driving capital development, re-organizing incentive systems, improving efficiency in administration conveyance and smoothing out the institutional exercises. 

- Targets: 

- To make an empowering and helpful condition for commercial poultry cultivation in the State by drawing in venture to make the state self-sufficient in egg and poultry meat production.  

- To arrive at a production value of 18,000 lakh eggs and 150 thousand Tons of poultry meat every year to fulfill the current demand of the state and thereby also opening employment doors for more than 10,000 people. 

- To continually build poultry production in the state and thereby making the same a commendable poultry item exporter as well as a considerable market player in the long run.  

- To advance backyard poultry cultivation for business in the rural territories and also indulging SHGs to take up poultry cultivating and promoting. 

- To promote production of frameworks like integrated estates, diagnostic labs, handling units and so on and help preparing a sound and scientific distribution network. 

- To encourage private investments for establishing breeding farms along with PPP mode and furthermore by renting out empty Govt. lands where conceivable to fulfill the need of incubating eggs. 

- To make institutional financing for setting up poultry units more appealing and effectively accessible.  

- Unified advancement with other states in terms of plans/ventures/missions for better outcomes. Expanding collaboration with different states for the benefit of the poultry area of the state. 



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