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Download Krishi Dev Gyan Mobile App & Get All Information, Queries, Advice Related to Farming; Direct Link Inside

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Krishi Dev Gyan Mobile App
Krishi Dev Gyan Mobile App

Mobile App to for farmers: A special initiative has been taken by the subsidiary company of IFFCO, the leading cooperative fertilizer organization. This initiative has been taken to make the farming more profitable and environment friendly for the farmers. It will not only help farmers in agriculture, but also provide information related to it at the appropriate time.

We are talking about the mobile app developed by the company. The app will provide appropriate information about farming to the farmers who will join this mobile app. This will be done through satellite and AI. Empowerment of farmers will be promoted through this app named 'Krishi Dev Gyan Mobile App'.

So let’s understand what this app is, how does it work & its special features.

What is 'Krishi Dev Gyan' Mobile App?

'Krishi Dev Gyan' Mobile App is specially designed app to help farmers in agriculture. Satellite and AI will be used in this. Through this, farmers will be informed about their small and big farms. Along with this, the fertility of the soil and the lack or abundance of nutrients in it, weather conditions, need to use fertilizers, water, pesticides etc. will be told to the farmers.

There are 2 types of equipment in 'Krishi Dev Gyan' Mobile App:

A tool will give the smallest details of 2 to 3 acres of farmland. If there is an outbreak of pests or diseases in a particular part of the field, farmers will be alerted through this. Apart from this, which medicine will be used and in which part of the farm for crop productivity will also be informed.

The second device, can give similar information about the farm spread over 2 to 3 km. It is being told that the areas of most of the farmers' fields are small and spread far and wide. With this, the situation of each farm is different. In such a situation, if the farmer has to get extensive information about a particular area, then with the help of IFFCO farmer, he can get subsidized equipment in the field.

Equipment subsidized price:

The subsidized price of the first device has been kept at around Rs 15000, while the cost of the second device is around Rs 35000-40000. Through this, farmers can increase the quality of the crop by using the right technologies. It has been learned that the farmers of Gujarat were trying to produce cumin exportable for the last 4 years. After training and information by IFFCO farmers, farmers have been successful in growing export quality cumin in the year 2020.

Mobile app for farmers
Mobile app for farmers

Feature of Krishi Dev Gyan 'mobile app:

  • This app collects the important data like the status, size, irrigation, variety of seeds, name of the crop, date of sowing etc.

  • Based on this data, agricultural scientists and experts give advice to farmers.

  • If a picture has been uploaded from the field, farmers are advised directly on their mobile number.

  • There will be a complete description of diseases and pests and their solutions.

Direct Link to download the app on your mobile.

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