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EM Solution is Best for Organic Farmers; Know How to Prepare this Beneficial Solution to Protect your Crops

EM Solution is a mixture of various beneficial microbes. They help to protect plants from various fungal and bacterial pathogens. EM solution will improve crop protection and help in crop yield if applied on regular intervals.

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EM solution is the diamond weapon of organic farmers. The EM solution used to effectively maintain the number of microorganisms in the soil can be easily made at home without great expense. EM solution is good for healthy growth and immunity of plants. EM, short for Effective Microorganism, promotes rapid biodegradation, destruction of harmful microorganisms, rapid germination of seeds and rapid growth of seedlings. 

Method of preparation 

Ingredients needed to prepare the solution are ripe papaya, pumpkin, Mysore fruit, jaggery, chicken eggs and water. Use only what is pure. Papaya and pumpkin can only be grown organically and not fertilized. Buy jaggery pure too, very good if you can get Marayur jaggery. Chicken eggs are enough. Use only chlorine-free water, the essence of which should be drained directly from the well. 

Ingredients required 

(1) Ripe papaya - 3 kg 

(2) Pumpkin - 3 kg 

(3) Palayan Cotton (Mysore Fruit) - 3 kg 

(4) Sugar - 1 kg 

(5) Native chicken eggs - 1 count 

(6) Pure water - 10 liters 

In addition to all this, consider a large plastic drum. 

How to prepare 

You need ripe fruits and pumpkins as well. Add nuts and skin and fry well in a mixer. Pour the fried fruit solution into the plastic drum into the mixer. Pour the jaggery into it and pour the cracked egg. Add 10 litres of water and mix well. 50% of the vessel should be empty. It should move to the right, i.e. in a clockwise direction. Stir well and cover with a muslin cloth. Stir once a day in the clockwise direction and cover again with a muslin cloth. Continue stirring for 21 days. If there is a white film on the liquid, it should be removed. If no white crust is seen, add 1 kg of powdered jaggery. After 21 days the container should be sealed tightly and stored for 20 days. The total time required to prepare the EM solution is 41 days. The mixture can be filtered and stored in bottles or jars. 

How to use 

EM solution - 30 ml, water - diluted in a ratio of one litre. The solution can be applied to the soil in several ways. The most effective of these methods is the addition of husk or nutmeg powder. Add one kg of husk or nutmeg powder in 400 ml of EM solution and keep it airtight for 10 days. Take 30 ml of it and mix it with one litre of water. It can be poured on the soil for sowing and at the base of all plants from the age of four. This solution helps the seeds to germinate quickly, the plants to grow well and to gain immunity. 

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Things to look out for 

(1) Clean water should be used. Do not use chlorinated water. 

(2) It is better to peel fruits. Do not use chicken eggs that are too old or stored in the fridge. 

(3) The vessel should be opened very slowly without shaking. At least half of the vessel should be left empty for the fermentation process to take place. 

(4) Water only when spraying EM solution on plants. Prepare the solution and after 6 months put 3 well-ripened Palayan cotton (Mysore fruit) in it. This should be done every 6 months. After one year, add 1 kg of jaggery powder along with the fruit. You can use this for as long as you want. Open the lid and let the gas inside out from time to time. 

(5) Plants should be watered 5 days before and 5 days after application of any liquid form micronutrient. 

(6) Liquid micro-organisms After pouring the fertilizer, adding a little more water at the base of the plants will help the micro-organisms to penetrate into the soil and roots faster. 

(7) The humbled solution should be used for planting twigs. The base of the stalk should be soaked in the diluted solution for 5 minutes. 

What can be used 

EM solution can be used for spraying on plants and seed germination. It is also good to use to remove odours in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. EM solution can be sprayed on farms to remove odours and make compost. When preparing pipe compost the odour will be as good as it gets. It is advisable to pour some solution at this time. 

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