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Bordeaux Mixture is an Effective Fungicide; Check How to Prepare This Mixture

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

Bordeaux mixture is one of the most effective fungicides for crop fungicides. We can easily make this at home. Ingredients for making Bordeaux mixture are lime, turmeric and water. The stretch can be covered by pouring hot water on it to get unpolluted lime. 

How to prepare Bordeaux Mixture

Take 500ml of water in a bowl. Add 10 g of lime and mix well. Then take 500ml of water in another bowl and mix it with 10 g of turmeric. Then pour the turmeric solution into the lime solution. Be careful not to stir while pouring. Do not pour the lime solution into the turmeric solution for any reason. It is good to remember that blue paint is like an umbrella on a white wall.  

Care should be taken to keep the amount of water accurate. The volume of water, lime and turmeric can be increased proportionally to make more mixture (100 g turmeric and 100 g lime can be dissolved separately in 5 litres of water and the turmeric solution can be poured into the lime solution). The ratio of strengthBordeaux Mixture is 1 per cent. 

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It is necessary to check whether the iron content in the prepared solution is high. For this, a polished iron knife can be dipped into the solution for a while. If you find iron dust on the knife when you take it out, you can add a little more lime.  

Properly prepared Bordeaux mixture will have a nice blue colour. Steel and aluminium utensils should not be used to make Bordeaux alloy. This mixture should be used within 24 hours after manufacture. Bordeaux mixture is an excellent remedy for many fungal diseases, including rapid blight of pepper. 

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