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How To Cultivate Flavourful Strawberries In Planters And Hanging Baskets? Find Out Here!

Strawberries may be grown in a hanging basket. It will not only look amazing, but it will also offer you with plenty fresh fruit for several weeks for only a few pounds.

Chintu Das
Strawberries In A Hanging Basket
Strawberries In A Hanging Basket

Strawberries are sweet and versatile, and they may be grown in the ground or strawberry planters. Strawberries may also be grown in a hanging basket. It will not only look amazing, but it will also offer you plenty of fresh fruit for several weeks for only a few pounds.

What Does a Strawberry Planter Require To Thrive?

To construct a fantastic and effective strawberry planter, you only need a few things, and the following list covers the most crucial ones:

Container You Choose Should Include Drainage Holes

This is critical because strawberries despise damp, squishy feet. If the soil hangs on to the water, the strawberry roots will rot.

People who cultivate plants on their decks are frequently concerned about deck and porch discoloration. Find a great attractive and useful drip plate to put beneath the strawberry pot instead of limiting drainage by choosing a pot with no holes.

Strawberries Require High-Quality Soil

Good soil contains enough air holes to store water while also allowing excess water to drain. Composted bark soil is my preferred type of soil. Good grade soil like this may be purchased at greenhouses and garden centres.

Choose a Planter That Is The Proper Size For Them

Strawberries have shallow root systems, so they don't require very deep pots to thrive; a container that is 20 cm (8′′) deep would be enough.

Another consideration is how wide of a container to use for strawberries, which is determined by how many strawberry plants you want to put together. You can easily fit 3-4 strawberries in a pot with a top diameter of 30 cm and enough area for them to develop happily.

If you want to plant more strawberries, you'll need to increase the size of the pot. Keep in mind that as the size and width of the pots grow, so does their depth. The optimal strawberry hanging basket pot is 30 cm broad and 20-30 cm deep. Instead of planting strawberries in one huge pot, do prefer to make many 30 cm pots so that the drainage is better.

Opt For a Variety Suited For a Hanging Basket Or Container

Because they bear all season, day neutral strawberry types are ideal for planters and hanging baskets. The berries are smaller and the day neutral kinds are more compact than the June yielding strawberry bushes.

What You Will Need:

  • Strawberry plants

  • Hanging basket and liner

  • Multi-purpose, peat-free compost

Step 1

To allow for drainage, poke a few holes in the polythene lining of your basket.

Step 2

Fill the basket to just below the rim with multipurpose compost.

Step 3

Arrange the strawberry plants evenly along the basket's edge.

Step 4

To settle the compost and help the roots to develop, water the basket well. Once blossoming has begun, begin feeding the plants. To attract pollinating insects and help the fruit mature, hang the basket in a protected, sunny location.

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