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How to Sow Coriander Seeds at Home in the Easiest Way

Coriander is easy to grow at home through seeds. Here we will tell you how to sow coriander seeds so that they germinate and give you a lush yield.

Shipra Singh
Coriander in a pot
Coriander in a pot

Coriander is easy to grow at home through seeds. An easy way is through sprouting method. There are many people who are unable to grow coriander through seeds. Either the seeds do not germinate, or there is stunted growth. Here we will tell you how to sow coriander seeds so that they germinate and give you a lush yield.

How to Sow Coriander Seeds

Pre-soak coriander seeds in a dish overnight. Thereafter, put these seeds in plastic sandwich bag. Seat it. Keep this sealed bag at a place where there is decent sunlight. Leave it for a couple of days. Check for tiny white sprouts. Sprinkle some water if you see that the bag wants more moisture.

Once the sprouts are seen, open the bag’s seal. Add some potting soil to it. Wait for the sprouts to expand in size.

Once they become big, transfer them to a pot filled with fresh soil.

Add a thin layer of potting soil on the top of soil. Keep the pots in a sunny area for 4-5 hours. You can then shift the pot indoors, but make sure you place them in an area that receives 4-5 hours of sunlight daily. Or better, keep it in shade outdoors.

Growing coriander in containers

Coriander is a fast growing annual herb. It can easily reach upto 12-22 inches in height. It just requires a little extra care to flourish outdoors and indoors. Experts recommend planting coriander in a big planter with other herbs to encourage healthy growth of every herb.

Things to consider

1. Place of keeping the pot:

Keep the pot at a place that received atleast 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. Coriander loves morning sunlight. It does not like too much heat.

2. Choice of container:

The container should be big and deep enough to contain roots of the plant. It should have sufficient drainage holes too.

3. Type of soil:

Soil should be highly fertile in case of coriander. Roots of coriander are not widespread, so they cannot take in nutrients for soil much. That’s why soil needs to be rich in nutrients, especially organic manure.

4. Way of sowing:

To sow coriander, you must have seeds pre-soaked overnight. Spacing of seeds should be 3 to 4 inches apart.

5. Time of watering:

Water coriander when the soil is dry to touch. The soil should be moist, not dry, and not soaked too. Water until it comes out of drainage holes. Sow seeds every six weeks for a constant supply of coriander throughout the season.


Coriander is a versatile herb and loved by almost everybody. A dish garnished freshly cut coriander leaves has a completely different taste. Coriander adds to the overall taste and aroma of the dish.
Now that you know how to sow coriander seeds, what’s stopping you from growing this useful herb at your home? The best thing about coriander is that it requires no separate garden or space to grow. You can easily grow it in a container near your kitchen window that receives sunlight.

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