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Organic In-house Cultivation of Cucumber; Plant Management, Harvesting and much more

The article contains information on the process of growing cucumbers in a container in your home.

Chintu Das
Cucumber Cultivation
Cucumber Cultivation

For any regular food, cucumber seems to have the maximum water content and is a perfect refreshment with maybe a little salt and chilli flakes. It is usually eaten as salads and also can be used to make certain sabzi. You really do have to cultivate these at home in order to really appreciate fresh cucumbers. Let’s check on how to successfully grow cucumbers at your home.

Necessary particulars for cucumber cultivation:


Necessary Value

Required temperature for growth

22 to 32 degree Celsius

Required temperature for germination

25 to 30 degree Celsius Ideal

Time  required for Germination

3 to 10 days

Soil pH requirement

Between 5.5 and 6.8

Need for sunlight

6 to 8 hours per day

Best Planting Method

Direct sowing

Size of Container

30 to 40 liter

Harvesting Time

50 to 70 days from germination (depends on the variety)

Period of Harvest

 Ranges between 50 to 80 days

Pollination Method

Bee or Hand pollination

General Pests

Beetle, Aphids, Spider mites

General Diseases

Bacterial wilt, Leaf spot

Best time to grow in India

Between March to August

Framework of wire mesh for cucumber cultivation:

Cucumber plant is a creeper, and henceforth you need wire mesh framework for it to develop well. It can even be developed on ground without a wire framework, however that way a great deal of space is squandered. Also on the off chance that you are developing cucumber on your balcony or terrace and not on ground, at that point it isn't secured to allow them to develop on the concrete as it can get extremely sweltering during summers. A mesh framework for cucumber can just be worked by integrating bits of bamboo like a cross section. You can likewise use fishing nets and plastic strings to build structure for the shade house as a framework for your cucumbers. You can be somewhat innovative and fabricate a framework without any problem. Yet, guarantee you do it well as expected. Cucumber plants will in general develop extremely quick after germination and you ought to be prepared with your mesh by that point.

In-house cultivation of cucumber:

Cucumber plants produce flowers of both sexes. The female flowers should be pollinated with pollen from the male flower to prove to be fruitful. To guarantee you have a decent blend of male and female flowers on your plant, it is fitting to develop somewhat 2 to 3 plants simultaneously near to one another. You need a 25 to 30 liter compartment for a solitary cucumber plant. On the off chance that you have 50 to 60 liter compartment you can grow 2 to 3 plants in them. In the event that you are developing cucumber in isolated plants, keep them close enough so they can develop together on the mesh framework without any competition between themselves for sunlight or air.

Soak in advance all the cucumber seeds in water for the whole night prior to planting them. Make around 5 mm deep holes in the dirt, place the seeds and cover them up with soil. Water the soil without upsetting the seed. The soil should be kept moist constantly. In 5 to 10 days, germination will start for the cucumber seed. At the point when the seedlings have around 4 leaves, thin the plants to the  wanted number contingent upon container size. On the off chance that you are planting on open land or in greater containers, at that point maintain a gap of 1 foot between seedlings.

Management of cucumber plants:

Cucumber plants need high amounts of water. Mature plants require water at least two times per day during summers. Thus be attentive for soil drying out quickly during summers and water depending on the situation. Mulch the soil well to diminish drying because of daylight. At the point when the plant begins blooming its opportunity to change the soil with fertilizer. This will help in the plant getting the necessary energy to develop fruits. In the event that you find an excessive number of female flowers tumbling off the plant it is conceivable that they are not getting pollinated. Hand fertilization helps when pollinators like honey bees and wasps are missing in your nursery during blossoming.

Cucumber beetle is the principle pest that harms cucumber plants. Look for early indications of these bugs. On the off chance that you find harmed leaves and stems which have been consumed leaving a net like construction it presumably is a beetle assault. Check undersides of leaves and physically eliminate them before they spread to different places of the plant. Wear gloves with a layer of petroleum jelly on it while eliminating the pests. It will keep the pests from tumbling off to different places of the plant. Then again you can utilize a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the bugs.


Cucumbers taste best when they have recently matured or even somewhat before. At the point when your cucumber has begun turning yellow you realize that you have missed the perfect season of picking it. Continue to search for cucumbers which have quit growing in size on the plant. At the point when the fruit quits developing that is the time you should get it. Collect cucumbers with some scissors or hand sears. Never pull it off the plant as it won't handily disengage from the plant.

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