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How to Grow Lemon in a Bowl or Cup?

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Lemon in a cup

The citrusy scent of a lemon tree goes about as a characteristic deodorizer. Here's all you require to think about how to plant a lemon in a Cup or bowl in tight quarters! 

On the off chance that you don't have a major cultivating space inside your home, you can in any case appreciate the new and citrusy scent by growing a Lemon plant

Things That You Will Require: 

- Natural Lemon Seeds 

- Potting Soil (blending equal parts of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite)  

- Artistic cup or bowl 

- Tweezers  

- Paper Towel  

- Sun facing Window  

- Water  

- Manure or Organic Fertilizer 


- Separate the seeds from a lemon and put it in the cup of water for about 1 hour to loosen up the additional mash around them.  

- Allow them to dry for 1 hour on a paper towel and divide the additional pulp staying on the outside of seeds with the assistance of a tweezer.

- Place the seeds for stronger and quicker germination in the water overnight.  

- The following day, fill half of the cup or bowl with fertilized soil, punch a hole, put the seeds inside, and cover with soil.  

- Presently, mist the dirt completely with the assistance of a spray bottle.  

- Now wrap the pot with transparent plastic to assist seeds with quicker growth. This is a discretionary step.  

- Hold your cup on every sunny windowsill. Water it only when it appears dusty with the topsoil. 

- When the seedlings grow a few inches, just half the intensity as recommended on the bottle, feed the plant with organic fertiliser or compost. 

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