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Profitable Pearl Farming; Earn in Lakhs with Little Investment & Government Subsidy

Pearl farming is not much difficult, interested beginners can easily start it. And looking at the present scenario and demand of pearl in National & International market, there is a huge scope for you to earn huge profits.

Sangeeta Soni
Pearl Farming- Profitable business idea
Pearl Farming- Profitable business idea

Pearl is generated from the mollusc, and the production of pearl is called Pearl Culture. Pearl farming is not much difficult, interested people can start it easily with few tips. And looking at the present scenario and demand of pearl in National & International market, there is a huge scope for you to earn great profits.

Things to keep in mind before starting Pearl Farming Business

No doubt, just like any other business, the pearl farming business also requires your time, hard work, interest, some investment, and most importantly patience. You will have to wait for around 1-3 years for the first harvest. Also, it is important to have a reliable source of pearl mollusc or oysters.

Along with this, the following points must be considered-

  • You must have sufficient space for pearl formation

  • Grafting techniques knowledge is required before starting the business

  • Establish contact with retailers in the market to sell your pearls

Things Required for Pearl farming

  • A pond

  • Oysters

  • Proper Training

  • Some Equipment

And that’s it. You require only these things. Note that if you want, you can get the pond dug at your own expense or you can also take the advantage of government subsidy. To help people, government provides a 50% subsidy.

You can also get the benefits under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana, Click here for more details.

Cost Analysis for Pearl Farming

Here is a general cost analysis for pearl farming. The total cost may vary from region to region and also an initial investment. This is analysis if for a general idea only.

  • Area- Half to ¾ acre

  • Product- Pearl through double implantations

  • Stocking density- 9000-10,000 mussels

  • Pearl Culture period- one to two years (approx.)

How much expenditure to expect?

  • Cost of mussel holding tanks- ₹ 40,000

  • Cost of bamboos & ropes- ₹ 45,000

  • Cost of mussel surgical sets- ₹ 25,000

  • Lease amount of cultured pond- ₹ 15,000

  • Cost of mussels in the pond- ₹ 13,000

  • Cost of pearl nuclei- ₹ 1,00,000

  • Skilled workers for implantation cost- ₹ 50,000

  • Pond liming, fertilizers and other costs- ₹ 30,000

  • Post harvesting cost & processing of pearls- ₹ 45,000

Total expenditure- ₹ 3,63,000

How much Profit to expect from pearl farming?

On average, we can expect

A grade pearl (10% of total pearls collected)- 4000×₹160= ₹6,40,000

B grade pearl (20% of the total pearls collected)- 8000×₹70= ₹5,60,000

Total Revenue= ₹12,00,000

Total Profit- ₹12,00,000 - ₹3,63,000 = ₹8,37,000

This is just an average cost and profit estimation. It may increase or decrease as per the quality of oysters and proper care. If there are more quality pearls, you can sell them at more than the calculated price. And if more than 50% of oysters are safe, you can earn around ₹20,00,000 to ₹30,00,000 annually.

For more information about pearl farming techniques and business guide, click here.

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