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Rare Organic Farm Created by a Couple Turns Out as a Pleasure Sight for Passerby

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Vijith & Veena
Vijith & Veena

Synopsis: There are six indigenous cows belonging to the Krishna and Kasaragod dwarf breeds, in addition to the trees and plants, and even 600 ducks. From three biogas plants, the fertilizer needed for the plants is made. It uses only organic fertilizer.

With a broad range of flowers such as Memycylon Malabaricum (Kayampoo), vegetable hummingbird (Agathi Cheera), cannonball tree (Nagalinga tree), Mimusops elengi (Ilanji), bur flower tree, a garden near the national highway at Danappady here provides a visual delight for the people.

In the garden owned by Vijith and wife Veena, there are over 5,000 kinds of plants. Kayampoo's blue flowers, bur flower, and bright red vegetable hummingbird flowers draw even passersby. The couple finds time to greet tourists to the organic farm and describe the characteristics of each item. Here, all forms of vegetables are grown.

There are seven ponds on the farm and there are numerous indigenous fish varieties raised in them.

There are six indigenous cows belonging to Krishna and Kasaragod dwarf breeds and even 600 ducks, apart from the trees and plants. From three biogas plants, the fertilizer needed for the plants is made. It uses only organic fertilizer.

The couple opened a store near the highway to sell the farm's vegetables and fish. Hundreds of customers continue to frequently come to the store to purchase fresh food. They also market organic crops processed in the region by 13 other producers.

For their farming company, the pair won numerous honours and awards. In 2019, Vani won an award from the state government for young farmers worth Rs 1 lakh. Vijith has received an Akshyashree award from the government for organic farmers worth Rs 1 lakh.

A graduate in engineering, Vijith was assigned to the electricity commission. But, because of his love for agriculture, he quit his job. B.Sc Agriculture course has been completed by Vani. Both turned into farmers after marriage and they have been operating the company for 12 years.

 Article credit: K Shaji.

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