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Top 15 Exotic Aloe Vera Varieties For Your Home Garden

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
Aloe vera or Ghritkumari (Aloe barbadensis)

Most of us have aleo vera plants in our home gardens. This one low-maintenance plant does not complain even if you forget to water it for days. The commonest variety of aloe vera, which is seen in most homes, is Aloe barbadensis 

Do you know there are 400 types of aloe plants?  

So, if you have only the above-mentioned variety at your home, time to read this quickly and bring home beautiful aloes at home. 

Let’s start with the commonest variety. 

1. Aloe Vera or Ghritkumari

Botanical name: Aloe barbadensis 

This medicinal plant has green leaves with smooth texture and white flecks on their surface. Its gel offers one of the best remedies for soothing skin and improving hair quality. You can easily keep this plant at your balcony or terrace garden, outdoor garden, or indoors, even on your table.  

Aloe Caesia (Aloe x principis)

2. Aloe Caesia

Botanical name: Aloe x principis 

This is a hybrid aloe featuring beautiful blue-green leaves with spiky, copper-red margins. Its beauty increases manifold when the plant blossoms and displays dark red flowers, which catch the eye.  

Aloe Decoingsii

3. Aloe Descoingsii

Botanical name: Aloe descoingsii 

This one has a dull green color, but still poses as an attractive addition to your indoor garden. Its striking feature is the series of tiny spines on the leave surface. The leaves have tapered ends and serrated edges, which render it a decorative look. This aloe produces deep yellow and red flowers in the months of spring and summer and they look stunningly beautiful.  

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Tiger Aloe or Aloe Variegata (Gonialoe variegate)

4. Aloe Variegata/Tiger Aloe

Botanical name: Gonialoe variegate 

This is an eye-catching variety of aloe. Its fleshy and waxy leaves feature white-green blotches that appear like stripes of a tiger, hence the name tiger aloe. This plant turns into a ravishing beauty during its flowering stage during spring, as the orange and pink flowers on purple stems take your breath away.  

Tiger Tooth Aloe (Aloe juvenna)

5. Tiger Tooth Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe juvenna 

This variety originated in Kenya and now forms a beautiful part of home gardens in India too. However, to highlight its beauty in the best manner, you must place this plant against a bright background. This is a tightly packed aloe with paired markings in an astonishing creamy white. Its edges are lightly jagged, making it look at tiger’s teeth.  

Zebra Aloe or Soap Aloe (Aloe maculate/Aloe saponaria)

6. Zebra Aloe/Soap Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe maculate/Aloe saponaria 

The leaves of this aloe feature beautiful stripes that resemble Zebra, hence, the name. The sap from leaves is a good substitute for soap. This plant blossoms into bright red-yellow flowers with tall stems during summer. The plant could easily become the focus of attraction of your garden or room.  

Snake Aloe (Aloe broomii)

7. Snake Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe broomii 

This plant grows upto 4-5 feet. Its leaves are wide and flat just like a snake’s hood. The plant has a thick rosette of fleshy green leaves with edges having dark red thrones. Its inflorescence is wrapped in bracts. This makes it look more like a snake, hence, the name.  

Coral Aloe (Aloe striata)

8. Coral Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe striata 

A striking feature of coral aloe is its gray-green leaves. They turn pink when you put the plant in bright sunlight! And if you put it in shade, the leaves turn blue! That’s not all. This stunning plant produces coral-orange flowers during winter and spring. Simply irresistible!  

Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphylla)

9. Spiral Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe polyphylla 

This is one aloe plant that you cannot take your eyes off! Its leaves are structured perfectly in a spiral shape that gives it a stunning appearance. The plant flowers in the beginning of summer. Its yellow or orange flowers add to its outstanding beauty. The flowers emerge from the top part of the spiral leaf structure.  

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Somalian Aloe (Aloe somaliensis)

10. Somalian Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe somaliensis 

The striking feature of Somalian aloe is the multiple colors on same leaf. The border of leaves features pink-brown spines that appear like a bright layout of a sawtooth. Incredibly beautiful! It can easily add to the beauty of your garden manifold.  

Carmine Aloe (Aloe carmine)

11. Carmine Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe carmine 

Incredibly beautiful aloe that features serrated borders in orange that run across the edges of the leaves, giving it a stunning outline and making it stand out in the crowd. Its leaves are like jelly with a knobby texture that has white patches. This plant also has a hybrid variety, which is tolerate to drought conditions. If you forget to water it, the plant will survive.  

Fan Aloe (Aloe plicatilis)

12. Fan Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe plicatilis 

This aloe variety attracts through its slender, long, fan-like leaves that have orange tips. This plant can become the focus of attraction of a rock garden or a corner, especially during winter and spring, thanks to its beautiful orange-red flowers.  

Short Leaf Aloe (Aloe brevifolia)

13. Short Leaf Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe brevifolia 

This is a low-growing plant having leaves with serrated borders. This aloe can be a great choice for small gardens, balcony gardens, or indoor decoration. If you have a small pot or a tiny rock garden, you can add this aloe variety and give your space a more beautiful look. The plant turns into a lovely rosy brown color when kept in full sunshine, while in shade it turns blue-green.  

Red Aloe (Aloe cameronii)

14. Red Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe cameronii  

Red aloe is, well, red. It features gorgeous apple-green leaves when kept under filtered sunlight condition. During summer, the leaves turn a mesmerizing coppery-red. The plant has orange-red flowers in winter and spring. If you keep this aloe plant in your garden, be ready for bees and birds because this plant attracts them abundantly. So, avoid keeping it in the balcony, if you don’t want bees buzzing around. This plant is best for outdoor garden.  

Sunset Aloe (Aloe dorotheae)

15. Sunset Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe dorotheae 

This aloe changes color! Keep it in shade; it will be pale green. Keep it in full sunshine, the leaves will stun you by transforming into full red! Don’t mistake it for red aloe though. Sunset aloe features white flecks on leaves and is scalloped with thorns at the brim. All these put together give this plant a breathtaking look. Red aloe, on the other hand, has smooth leaves with no flecks.  

So, introduce these varieties of aloe plants to your garden and make your garden irresistibly beautiful.  

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