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Top 5 Solar Water Pump Companies in India

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Solar Pump
Solar Pump

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy & it is not wrong to say that irrigation is backbone of agriculture. Irrigation of crops is the most important part in farming & farmers to go different lengths to make sure that their crops are properly irrigated.

Irrigation poses different problems for farmers as well such as they have to go to their farms to switch on/off water pumps at irregular timings. Sometimes late at night also because of irregularity in power supply.

Another main problem is cost of electricity to run these water pumps. There are severe irregularities in power supply in villages of India. The one shot solution to this can be Solar water pumps. Where solar energy will give power to water irrigation pumps.

Today we are going to discuss about top 5 companies in India that manufacture & sell solar water pumps. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Solar Water Pump Companies 

1. Shakti Pumps:

It was established by its CEO Dinesh Patidar in 1982 in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. It is considered as one of the leading companies in water pumps in India. Shakti Pumps exports its products to 125 countries. If we talk about solar pumps then they make solar pumps from 1-100 HP. More than 7 lakhs solar pumps are manufactured yearly by Shakti Pumps. It is claimed by the company that their pumps provide 30-40% more performance than other companies pumps. It is currently the only company in India that makes solar pumps in 260 different models. You can visit them here.

2. Lubi Solar:

It was established by its CEO Narendra Parik in 1965 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They started manufacturing solar pumps in 2012. They make 4500 modules of cast iron pumps & solar pumps. They also design & manufacture solar pumps according to need of the customers. They manufacture 7 lakhs units per year. They have 18 branches & around 1000 dealers all over India. Lubi also exports their pumps to more than 80 countries in the world. You can visit them here.

3. Falcon Pumps:

It was established by its CEO Tara Patnaik in 1994 in Rajkot, Gujarat. They manufacture 1-50 HP Solar pumps with around 100 different models. They exports their products to 80+ countries in the world. In India they have presence in many states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan etc. You can visit them here.

4. Aquatex Solar Pumps:

Aquatex belongs to Aqua Group & it was established in 1956 by its CEO Rama Swami in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. They have 21 branches all over the world. You can visit them here.

5. Waaree Solar Pump:

It was established in Mumbai in 1989 by its CEO Hitesh Doshi. Waaree has 300 branches & dealers in India & 68 branches & dealers across the world. They make 0.5-50 HP solar pumps. You can visit them here.

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