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Top 6 Mustard Pests & How to Prevent Them

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Mustard Plant

In general, several different species of pests are entrapped in rye-mustard, causing the crop to deteriorate. As a result, farmers incur significant losses. In such a case, the question is what they should do to ensure that their crop is pest-free.

So, in this circumstance, let us tell you today what farmers producing rye-mustard should do to ensure that there is no pest present in their crop.

Aphid: These insects suck the sap, due to which the plant become weak. As a result, the plant does not develop properly and the productivity of the crop gets affected.

 Sow the crop on time in order to keep consistency. Avoid using nitrogen fertilizers in excess. If an infestation is discovered in the field, apply the prescribed insecticide after dissolving it in water.

Painted Bug: It destroys the crop at germination stage and maturity stage and starts sucking the sap. As a result the crops dry up.

For pest management, irrigation for three to four weeks after sowing is beneficial. If an attack is observed in the field, use Malathion 400 ml spray per acre.

Lee larvae (Hairy Caterpillar): Young larvae consume the leaves and utterly destroy them.

If an infestation is detected in the field, apply Malathion Dust 15 kg or Dichlorvos 200 ml for control. Spray it after diluting it with 100-125 litres of water.

Blight: This pest causes dark brown spots to appear on stems, branches, leaflets, and pods. The stem and pods wither in heavy infestations.

To prevent it, cultivate resistant cultivars. In the event of disease, use spray of Indofil M-45 or Captan at 260gm/100Ltr of water per acre. If required, continue spraying at 15-day intervals to prevent it from emerging and dying.

Downy Mildew: It is distinguished by white growth on the lower surface of the leaves. Along with this, the color of its leaves begins to change to green or yellow.

To keep control, eliminate the previous crop's debris before seeding the new crop. Spray Indofil M-45 at 400gm/acre in 150Ltr of water four times in 15 days.

White Rust: The symptom of this disease is the appearance of a white rash on the leaves, stems, and flowers, as well as swelling in the afflicted region. Flowers become infertile as a result of infection.

If an infestation is discovered in the field, apply a spray of Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64 % @2gm/Ltr of water or Copper oxychloride @25gm/Ltr of water. Spraying should be repeated every 10-15 days if necessary.

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