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What was the favourite fruit of Queen Victoria?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Have you heard of the queen of fruits? The same is the favourite fruit of Queen Victoria. It is said that she used to give a lot of gifts to those who presented her with the fruits mentioned above. Besides, many trees of this fruit are said to have decorated her garden in the palace. History says they used to yield the fruits also. 

Still confused? I am talking about Mangosteen!!! 

It is a tree that grows in tropical regions. These trees can be cultivated on land which is around 900 metre height from sea level. 2500 mm rain is  required for their proper growth. They are generally seen growing near rivers and ponds. They grow very well in steep areas. The ideal pH level in the soil is between 4.5 and 6.5. 

They usually grow in slow pace. Its maximum height is 25 metre. This is an evergreen tree which is also cultivated as a garden tree. It is said to be a hybrid variety. It is advisable to collect seeds only from 50 years old trees . Seedlings can also be made through grafting method, but the result is not encouraging.

Proper sunlight is needed for fully grown Mangosteen trees for flowering and fruiting. Anyhow, at the time of planting they need adequate shade for growing normally. Sometimes farmers face challenges in Mangosteen cultivation. To get good harvest, open center prunning should be done every year. This will allow proper ventilation and sunlight on tree. During December or January, super fix (NAA) 40 ppm may be sprinkled on the leaves.25 gm Boron per tree can also  be supplied in August and September.

In addition to India, Mangosteen cultivation is practised in Thailand , Malaysia , Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka ,Hawai, Burma and  Indonesia.

The white soft inner part of the fruit is the edible part. This fruit is the storehouse of many vitamins and oxidants. The value additions of Mangosteen includes jam, wine , ice cream, juice, etc. This fruit has certain antibiotic qualities so that it is used to heal cuts and injuries. The non-edible part of the fruit is used in the preparation of some medicines. According to some studies, the juice made out of the fruit has ability to cure fatal disease called cancer. It is also useful in the treatment of some skin diseases such as psoriasis.

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