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Wood Ash Fertilizer: Change Burning Wood into Earning! Make Ash Compost This Way

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar
Making Ash Compost
Making Ash Compost

Ash has been used as a fertilizer in agriculture since ancient times.  After starting cooking on a gas stove and kerosene stove, the ash became a rare substance. 

Ancestors have long used ash for banana, coconut, and tapioca.  Ash is also used as organic manure in vegetable cultivation.  Farmers use ash as fertilizer for flowering and fruiting.  The ash is a popular name among the farmers as manure itself.  It is more effective to compost the ashes instead of using them directly as manure.

We all know that ash can repel certain pests.  For this, it is sufficient to use a mixture of turmeric, lime, and ash. Ash is the burning of organic matter.  But the ashes of certain things are not so good. 

The ashes of solid trees are best used as fertilizer. Ash is a potash fertilizer.  As the ash is a hot material, it should be spread out away from the plant.

It is easy to make compost with ash All it takes is one sack. First, the topsoil should be filled and the ashes spread over it.  Repeat this several times to fill the sack and tie it.  If it is opened after two months, it will have turned into compost.

Common ash is commonly used as base fertilizer.  Grow bag mixture is often mixed with ash.  It contains calcium and potassium which can be used as a good fertilizer for plants. Nitrogen is also present in ash.

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