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World’s Most Expensive Grapes: Costs 7 lakh for a Bunch

A single piece of Ruby Roman Grapes of Japan costs Rs 35000. They are also known as the Rolls Royce of Grapes for the record price they fetched at an auction in Japan in 2019. A bunch of these grapes were sold at whopping Rs 7, 55,000.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
World's Most Expensive Grapes
World's Most Expensive Grapes

7 Lakh for a bunch of grapes? Yes you read it right! A single piece of Ruby Roman Grapes of Japan costs Rs.35000. They are also known as the Rolls Royce of Grapes for the record price they fetched at an auction in Japan in 2019. A bunch of these grapes were sold at whopping Rs.7, 55,000

What’s so special about Ruby Roman Grapes? 

These grapes are known for being extremely juicy with low acidity and over 18% sugar content. Each grape of this variety is close to the size of a ping-pong ball and weighs atleast 30 grams with each bunch weighing around 700 grams. 

Japan is known for luxurious and expensive fruits that are bought either as gifts or for promotional purposes by businesses. The popularity of gifting means people are always looking for more delicious and beautiful fruits, so there is intense competition among farmers to produce sweet and flawless looking fruits. The competition for buying and producing aesthetic and flavorful fruit heats up the price as well, which makes some fruits the most expensive fruits in the world. 

The ruby roman grapes are grown in Ishikawa prefecture of Japan and were launched in the market in 2008 as new premium quality fruits. Each grape is thoroughly tested to guarantee its quality and also comes with a certification seal on the selected lot. Only a limited quantity of 2400 bunches of this highly exotic fruit are grown in Japan.  

A company named Hyakurakuso bought many bunches of grapes through a wholesaler who bid them at the central wholemarket in Kanazawa. It was the most expensive sale of the grape since they were launched in the market a decade ago. Since then this fruit has become very popular with only few being produced to keep the demand high. 

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