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Government is Providing up to 75% Subsidy for Buying Murrah Buffalo

If you are planning to start animal rearing or dairy farming then there is a good news for you. The government is providing 75% subsidy to farmers for buying Murrah buffalo (one of the costliest and most demanding buffalo breeds).

Abha Toppo
murrah buffalo
Murrah buffalo is very popular because of its milk production capacity

Murrah Buffalo Farming: Animal husbandry has become a big source of income for people living in the rural areas of India. The government has also launched several schemes for dairy farmers so that they can increase their income and do not face any financial problems in rearing animals.

Recently the Madhya Pradesh government has made a big announcement for the farmers in the state. According to this announcement, the government will provide subsidy to dairy farmers for buying Murrah buffalo.

50 percent subsidy will be provided to buy Murrah buffalo

According to reports, these buffaloes will be brought from Haryana. At present, this scheme will be started as a pilot project in three districts of the state, Raisen, Vidisha and Sehore. Gradually it will be implemented in the entire state. Under this scheme, the government will provide Murrah buffalo to the farmers at a 50 percent subsidy. At the same time, this subsidy amount will increase to 75 percent for SC-ST farmers.

It must be noted that the cost of a buffalo of Murrah buffalo breed of Haryana is around Rs 1 lakh. Murrah buffalo is very popular because of its milk production capacity. It gives about 12 to 13 litres of milk per day. With the help of this subsidy, farmers will be able to buy these buffaloes in just Rs 50,000.

It is mandatory to keep these buffaloes for 5 years

Farmers buying Murrah buffalo have to follow certain rules. After buying these buffaloes, it is mandatory to keep them for at least 5 years. If in 3 years, the Murrah buffalo dies due to any reason, then another buffalo will be given to the farmer. Moreover, farmers will get a five-month pregnant buffalo along with a baby buffalo and two buffaloes will be given by the government.

Under the subsidy scheme of the state government, farmers who buy Murrah buffalo will also get fodder to feed the buffalo for six months. This extra facility is provided so that they do not face any kind of problem in taking care of the animals. Along with this, insurance, transport facility will also be provided to the farmers.

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