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How to Earn Money through Persian Cat Breeding ?

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Persian Cat

Cats are one of the most fascinating pets in the world. In every home where the cat is raised, the cat is the most beloved member of that household. Cats have an extraordinary ability to touch their master and show affection to their beloved. Those who have paved the way for survival through cat breeding say that cat breeding is profitable. Although there are about 50 cat breeds, cat lovers in India prefer the Persian breed of cats. Its attractiveness is the reason why the acceptance of Persian cats is increasing in India.

Persian breeds are widely known as tranquilizers. Persian cats are ideal for breeding in flats and homes. Persian cats are more furry and need more care. We need to find time to comb their long hair. We need to ensure adequate health care if we are to ensure only good hygiene. There are many variations on the Persian genus itself. Cats' noses are the most important factor in distinguishing them. Extreme punch, full punch, semi punch, dolly face‌ and so on goes the long list of Persian cats. Extreme Punch is the market leader. This item has a market value of up to Rs 35,000. Dolly face and semi-punch kittens have a minimum price of Rs 6,500 in the market. We can keep kittens at home or in cages for our convenience. Whether it is to breed and sell offspring or to care for at home, it is important to choose good breeds.

How to start with Cat breeding

Selection should take into account the age of the kittens, ease of handling, availability of space, body and temperament and so on. If we buy a female kitten of a Persian breed, it will reach the age of eight months. But there are many types of male cats. Some male cats reach adulthood by one year of age. The gestation period of Persian cats is 60-67 days. For healthy breeding, the first step is to mate the female and male cats in adjacent cages. If it is for commercial use, it is best to breed different breeds of cats. Up to 4 to 7 babies can be born in one delivery. Female kittens are slightly more expensive in the market.

If you want to raise kittens in cages, you need to prepare everything they need in cages. They need food and water. Toilet tray and so on. Getting the right kind of injections is even more important. Cats are at the forefront of cleanliness. Cats love to brush their teeth daily and clean their eyes and ears with a cotton cloth every two days. Cats love toys as much as normal children. Prepare a toilet tray for cats for defecation and spray it with Dettol and water and then put soil or sand in it. In some places maize powder is used. This will reduce the odour through defecation.

When it comes to cats' diet, we know that cats are carnivores. Cats love uncooked beef. Do not give uncooked meat, eggs or fish to cats. This can lead to diseases such as diarrhea. Cats should be given plenty of clean water. Cats can stay healthy only if they get enough protein, vitamins, and amino acids like taurine from their diet. Giving 'herring' extra to pregnant cats is good for increasing milk production. Normal Persian cats are fed ready-made foods, such as mio food, which are available in the market. Although the price is a bit high, it is nutritious. If cats' beds are not kept clean, they can become infected with bacteria and parasites. It is best to seek the help of a veterinarian as much as possible for cats. Another thing that those who want to keep cats in cages should pay attention to is that it is better to choose a cage that is a little wider for them. It is advisable to choose a pro-protection hive with any sheet embedded in the bottom of the hive. Also keep in mind that hot weather is not good for cat health. With the help of a good kitten, you can create a small world of cats at home in as little as eight months.

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