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8 Most Beautiful Trees in the World (With Pictures)

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
These beautiful trees would put you in a dream

Trees give us life. They give us fruits, wood, and flowers. They provide us shade from the sunlight. They are a constant source of delight and beauty to us. We are surrounded by many kinds of trees. But this article brings you something even more special. Here is a list of the 8 most beautiful trees in the world to make your day more colorful.

The 150 Year Old Wisteria Tree in Japan

This beautiful tree seems to be from a fairytale

At the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, you will find a wisteria tree which is 150 years old. If you look at it around the time when the tree is in full bloom, you would feel that you are in a fantasy world. Its vertical lavender flowers seem to be a picture in a fairytale movie. Don't believe us? Look for yourself.

Baobab Trees in Madagascar

Baobab trees are magnificent and would leave you awestruck

These trees are huge and absolutely beautiful. They are 100 feet tall and 35 feet wide and can store up to 32,000 gallons of water in their trunks. We bet that you've never seen anything like these trees before.

Dragonblood Trees in Yemen

These trees look lie an umbrella and their sap is the colour of blood

These trees have been named dragonblood because of their blood red sap. The sap is used as a dye and also as a violin varnish. Folk beliefs also consider it a cure for many illnesses. The tree itself looks like an umbrella.

Rainbow Eucalyptus in Hawaii

They are colourful and beautiful and they are also very useful

The rainbow eucalyptus is called so because of its colourful trunk. It grows in the South Pacific. The multicoloured trunks are due to the shedding bark of the tree. The pulpwood from the tree is also used to make paper.

The “Skeleton” Trees of Dead Vlei

These trees don't just look like skeletons, they are actually dead

The skeleton trees of Dead Vlei, Namibia, are around 100 years old. The saying goes that once the trees were full of life but now the trees are dead and what remains are just skeletons. The weather conditions in the region are such that the trees cannot decompose completely.

Trees of the Oyamel Forest

These trees are flocked by millions of monarch butterflies

Can you believe that there exists a forest in the world whose trees are entirely filled with butterflies? If you think that this just happens in movies, you are wrong. You can see in the Oyamel Forest millions of butterflies during their winter migration to the highlands of Mexico.

Strangler Fig Tree in Ta Prohm Temple

This huge tree looks like a giant resting against a wall

This tree looks like a magnificent giant resting on the walls of the temple which is situated inside a dense jungle. The tree has wrapped its roots around the trunk and roots of a spung tree.

The Cypress Trees of Caddo Lake

These cypress trees stand in a lake

Caddo Lake is in the United States and sprawls over an area of 26,000 acres. Present in this lake are the largest cypress trees in the world. The massive trunks of the trees sprung from the water and are quite a beautiful sight.

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