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All about IARI Scholarships

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Call it scholarships or fellowship is a ‘financial assistance’ given to a student to help him/her in future education. Scholarships are also awarded to the post-graduate students at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) New Delhi. This provision is made to help as many students as possible with good academic record and for those who are working hard to pursue higher education.

At IARI, the junior and senior scholarships are given to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Ph.D. students who take admission under ‘General Open Competition Scheme’. The award is presented by the Dean and Joint Director, Education department on the recommendation of ‘Standing Committee on Scholarships Financial Assistance and Academic Progress’. The committee takes into consideration the merit of each candidate based initially on his admission and then on his performance at college.


  • The normal duration of junior scholarships for M.Sc. program is of two years.
  • While that of the senior scholarships for Ph.D. program is three years.

The value of M.Sc scholarship is 7560 per month and Ph.D. scholarship is 13,125 per month. The scholarships include all fees and other charges of the institute. Besides, an additional grant of 6,000 per year is given to M.Sc. students and 10,000 per year to Ph.D. students, which covers the cost of books, experimental materials, thesis and study tours.

Payment of Scholarship

Students can collect the scholarship after submitting the following certificates:

  • A written undertaking by the student to complete the study and research work assigned by his mentor.
  • A certificate, which shows that he/she, is not drawing any other scholarship.
  • A student will not be allowed to take any other scholarship during the IARI tenure. In case he/she is already receiving any other scholarship, he will have to surrender it before accepting the IARI scholarship.
  • Applications of students who have completed less than one year of study at IARI will be forwarded for grant of external scholarships.

After this, an application for extension of scholarship will be sent to the Dean, Post Graduate School through the Chairperson or Professor. And it is the Dean, who will give the final authority to grant extension.

The scholarship gets completed/terminated:

  • On the day the student ceases to be on the rolls of Post Graduate School.
  • When he completes his study, submits the thesis, viva-voce and written examination.
  • If a student is found to be negligent in his work or is guilty of misbehavior, by the Dean.
  • If he completes his study before the expiry of sanctioned term of his scholarship.
  • If a student leaves the course before its completion without prior permission of the Dean.

At last, the student will have to submit a copy of the thesis to the Dean, just after the final viva-voce test is over. He will not be paid the last full month’s stipend without a certificate from the Professor that a copy of the thesis has been submitted. The receipt of financial aid from IARI should be suitably acknowledged by the student in the thesis submitted by him.

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