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Banana Leaves Have Been an Important Part of Indian Cuisine for Centuries; Know Why

Have you ever wondered why Indians cook their meals on banana leaves? Scientific studies have found some fascinating facts regarding its numerous health advantages.

Chintu Das
Food On A Banana Leaf
Food On A Banana Leaf

Bhetki Macher Paturi, a Bengali dish, was a nice surprise for someone who does not like fish. One cannot be sure if it is the mustard or the banana leaf, or the exquisite combo of both, but it makes foodies drool every time they think about it.

The steaming of fish encased in banana leaves is an intriguing aspect that people outside of West Bengal ever discover. What's more intriguing is that the banana leaf connects this Bengali dish to a variety of other regional cuisines.

The modest banana leaf has made its way into numerous cuisines, whether it's steaming idli, Gujarati snack panki; Parsi patra ni machchi, Assam's bhapot diya maach, or Kerala's exquisite Onam Sandhya.

Food may be steamed, grilled, or deep-fried, making it extremely adaptable. It may be used as a serving plate as well as a packing material.

While banana leaves have long been a staple of Indian cuisine and rituals, did you realise they also provide health benefits?

Benefits Of Banana Leaves

Banana leaves are high in antioxidants, which may aid to prevent or postpone cell damage. They have a lot of polyphenols in them, which the food absorbs. They aid in the neutralization of potentially damaging free radicals in our bodies. They can also combat cancer, aging and other lifestyle illnesses.

The leaves also have antibacterial qualities, making them effective against microorganisms in food. Furthermore, leaves are a much more environmentally beneficial solution than plastic cutlery. Dust and dirt are kept at bay by the waxy layer on the leaves.

"Dining on a banana leaf is both nutritious and cost-effective. It is high in antioxidants and so beneficial to your health. Polyphenols found in banana leaves help to prevent illnesses including Parkinson's and hypertension. Take, for example, the patra ni machi. Because the fish is cooked in banana leaves, it retains its calcium and protein. Banana leaf is also beneficial for dandruff and scalp dryness. "You may minimise both by putting the dried leaves in hair oil," says Kamal Palia, Chief Nutritionist at Ruby Hall Clinic.

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