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Choosing the Best Herbicide for Your Crop, Explained by BharatAgri’s Krushi Doctor

Here we’re going to understand the impact of weeds on your crops. We will also share the steps you can take to protect your crops from harmful weeds and in addition to that our Krushi Doctors advanced tips will also be shared. Keep reading till the end.

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Choosing the Best Herbicide for Your Crop, Explained by BharatAgri’s Krushi Doctor
Choosing the Best Herbicide for Your Crop, Explained by BharatAgri’s Krushi Doctor

We are the team of Krishi Doctors at BharatAgri leading innovation in India's agricultural sector with our comprehensive e-commerce platform. Farmers can easily access a wide array of agricultural inputs, including pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and more, with swift delivery within just 4 days. We accommodate both online payments and cash-on-delivery options, thus enhancing accessibility for farmers across the country. Farmers can easily reach out to us through the app for agriculture or input-related queries.

Our core mission is to empower farmers by providing reliable, high-quality products that enhance crop yields and profitability. Through our agricultural guidance services, including timely insights and best practices via Krishi Darshika, we empower farmers to make informed decisions, potentially increasing farm income by up to 30% and reducing expenses by up to 25%. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable farming practices and improving farmer livelihoods nationwide.

Here we’re going to understand the impact of weeds on your crops. We will also share the steps you can take to protect your crops from harmful weeds and in addition to that our Krushi Doctors advanced tips will also be shared. Keep reading till the end.

What are Weeds?

Weeds are unwanted plants that compete with crops for resources like water, nutrients, and sunlight. They can significantly reduce crop yields by inhibiting growth, harboring pests, and spreading diseases. Effective weed management is crucial to ensure healthy crop growth and maximize yields in agriculture.

Herbicides- the Saviour  

The herbicide meaning encompasses its role in protecting crops from weeds by effectively controlling their growth and presence. A herbicide is a vital tool in chemical weed control methods, effectively targeting and eliminating unwanted plants, particularly weeds, in agricultural practices. They are a vital tool in agriculture and land management for maintaining weed-free areas and promoting crop growth by reducing competition.

How do Herbicides work?

Herbicides work by disrupting essential plant processes such as photosynthesis, growth regulation, or nutrient absorption. Depending on their type and mode of action, herbicides may be applied to the soil (soil-applied) or directly to plant foliage (foliar-applied). They target specific biochemical pathways in plants, leading to their controlled growth inhibition or death.

Different Types of Herbicides

Herbicides can be classified based on their specificity, method of application, and timing of application. Selective herbicides target specific weed species without harming crops, while non-selective herbicides affect all plant types. They are applied either to the soil (soil-applied) or directly to weed foliage (foliar-applied) and can be used before planting (pre-plant), before weed emergence (pre-emergence), or after weed emergence (post-emergence) to effectively manage weed.

How to Select the Best Herbicide for Your Crop

Herbicides are classified into selective and non-selective herbicides, used as pre-emergence or post-emergence treatments to control weeds in agriculture and land management. There are various types of weeds in agriculture, including broadleaf, grassy, and sedge weeds, each posing different challenges to crop cultivation.

1. Selective Herbicides: Selective herbicides target specific weed species while sparing crops. They are advantageous in agricultural settings where precision is crucial, allowing farmers to control weeds without harming valuable crops like soybeans, corn, or wheat. This targeted approach minimizes crop damage and ensures efficient weed management throughout the growing season. Herbicides examples include Tynzer herbicide, Targa super, Shaked herbicide, Goal herbicide.

2. Non-Selective Herbicides: Non-selective herbicides are broad-spectrum and effectively control all plant types they contact. They are typically used in non-crop areas like fence rows or industrial sites, but they can also be beneficial for initial weed control in fields before planting or in post-harvest scenarios. Their versatility in clearing large areas of unwanted vegetation makes them valuable tools for land preparation and maintenance. Non-selective herbicide example include Mera71, Paraquat dichloride 24 SL and Roundup herbicide.

3. Pre-emergence Herbicides: Pre-emergence herbicides are applied before weed seeds germinate, making them ideal for crops planted in weed-prone areas. By preventing weed emergence, these herbicides provide early-season weed control without competition for water, nutrients, and sunlight. This enhances crop establishment and early growth, particularly beneficial for crops with slower initial growth phases like vegetables or orchard crops. Pre-emergent herbicide examples include Pendimethalin herbicide.

4. Post-emergence Herbicides: Post-emergence herbicides are applied after weed emergence, targeting actively growing weeds while minimizing impact on established crops. They offer flexibility in timing and application methods, allowing farmers to adapt weed control strategies based on specific crop growth stages and prevailing weed pressures. This types of herbicide is valuable for crops requiring prolonged weed control throughout the growing season, such as cotton, rice, or sugarcane. Examples include Odyssey herbicide, Tynzer herbicide, Targa super.

Best Herbicides According to Your Crops

Here are the top 10 best herbicides in India available on the BharatAgri platform:

Roundup Herbicide

  • Roundup is a non-selective herbicide that effectively controls a wide range of annual and perennial weeds. It is particularly effective against grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds.

  • The recommended dosage for Roundup is 800-1000 ml per acre, diluted in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage.

  • It is ideal for use in pre-planting, post-harvest, and non-crop areas for total vegetation control.

  • Always follow safety guidelines and wear protective equipment during application.

Mera 71 Herbicide

  • Mera 71 is a high-strength glyphosate herbicide designed for robust weed control. It is highly effective against a broad spectrum of weeds, including stubborn perennial varieties.

  • The recommended dosage for this herbicide is 750-1000 grams per acre, mixed with water for even application.

  • It is suitable for use in agricultural fields before planting and in non-crop areas. For optimal results, ensure adequate weed foliage coverage during application.

UPL Dost Super Herbicide

  • UPL Dost Super Herbicide, containing Pendimethalin 38.7% CS, is a potent pre-emergence herbicide from the dinitroaniline group.

  • It effectively controls a variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses, ensuring cleaner fields.

  • Apply 700 ml per acre within 3 days after sowing any crop for optimal results.

Godrej Hitweed Maxx Herbicide

  • Godrej Hitweed Maxx contaning Pyrithiobac Sodium 6% and Quizalofop ethyl 4% MEC is an innovative herbicide, featuring patented technology for controlling both broadleaf and narrow-leaf weeds in cotton.

  • It is safe for cotton crops, ensuring no adverse effects while providing effective weed management.

  • The recommended dosage is 300 ml per acre, mixed with 200 liters of water.

Adama Shaked Herbicide

  • Adama Shaked is a potent herbicide combining Propaquizafop (2.5%) and Imazethapyr (3.75%) to target both grassy and broadleaf weeds.

  • Specifically designed for use in soybean crops, this early post-emergence herbicide effectively controls weeds that have already sprouted and are at the 2-3 leaf stage.

  • The recommended dosage is 800 ml per acre, ensuring comprehensive weed management. For optimal results, apply Adama Shaked 20 days after soybean sowing.

PI Nominee Gold Herbicide

  • PI Nominee Gold Herbicide is a post-emergent, broad-spectrum solution for controlling grasses, sedges, and broadleaf weeds in rice crops.

  • Its active ingredient, Bispyribac sodium, inhibits the acetolactate synthase (ALS) enzyme, crucial for weed growth.

  • It is highly selective for rice, safeguarding crop yield and quality. With a wide application window from the 2-5 leaf stage of weeds, it offers cost-effective weed control at a dosage of 80-120 ml per acre.

Dhanuka Onekil Herbicide

  • Dhanuka Onekil (Quizalofop ethyl 4% + Oxyfluorfen 6% EC) is an advanced herbicide combining two powerful active ingredients.

  • It is effective as a post-emergence, contact, and systemic herbicide, targeting both narrow leaf and broadleaf weeds.

  • The recommended dosage is 400 ml per acre, applied at the 2-4 leaf stage of weeds. For optimal results, follow safety guidelines during application.

Syngenta Calaris Xtra Herbicide

  • Syngenta's Calaris Xtra Herbicide is a groundbreaking pre-mix herbicide in India, offering exceptional and long-lasting control of both grass and broadleaf weeds.

  • Its formulation combines Mesotrione 2.27% and Atrazine 22.7% SC, providing a dual mode of action for rapid and effective weed management.

  • Ideal for use in corn and sugarcane crops, Calaris Xtra is most effective at the critical 3-4 leaf stage. The recommended dosage is 1400 ml per acre.

BASF Tynzer + Flux Herbicide

  • BASF Tynzer (Topramezone 33.6% SC) and Flux (Atrazine 50% WP) herbicides offer robust, broad-spectrum weed control in maize crops.

  • Tynzer is highly effective against both broad-leaf and narrow-leaf weeds, ensuring comprehensive protection.

  • To achieve optimal results, mix 30 ml of Tynzer with 500 gm of Flux in 200 liters of water and apply at the 2-3 leaf stage of the weeds.

Adama Agil Herbicide

  • Adama Agil Herbicide is a selective, post-emergence solution designed to effectively control annual grasses in crops such as tomato and chili.

  • To achieve optimal results, apply Adama Agil directly to the weeds, avoiding contact with crop leaves.

  • The recommended dosage is 300 ml per acre, mixed with sufficient water for thorough coverage.

Why Buy Herbicides Online?

Selecting the best herbicides for your crop can be a very critical decision as the overall quality and yield are dependent on what we’re using as crop protection. On the BharatAgri app, you’ll get detailed information on every product along with a detailed video that will explain the use, dosage, and timing of the product. On top of that, you’ll get the best rates in the market for every product. Click on the image below to download the BharatAgri app and experience the best shopping experience.

Download BharatAgri App


The diverse range of herbicides available on BharatAgri's platform reflects a commitment to providing effective solutions for weed management across various crops in India.

From non-selective options like Roundup for comprehensive weed control in diverse settings to specialized formulations like Adama Agil for selective control in specific crops, each herbicide offers unique benefits tailored to agricultural needs.

Farmers can leverage these products to not only combat weeds effectively but also to enhance crop yields and ensure sustainable farming practices.

BharatAgri's dedication to offering high-quality herbicides underscores its pivotal role in supporting farmers and promoting agricultural innovation nationwide.

More on this:
  • What is herbicide?

    A herbicide is a chemical substance used to kill unwanted plants, particularly weeds, in agriculture and land management.

  • What is Roundup herbicide used for?

    Roundup herbicide is used to control a wide range of weeds, including grasses and broadleaf weeds, in various agricultural and non-crop areas.

  • How do weeds affect plant growth?

    Weeds affect plant growth by competing for essential resources like nutrients, water, and sunlight, thereby reducing crop yields and hindering overall plant health.

  • What is the recommended application timing for UPL Dost Super herbicide?

    Apply Dost Super UPL herbicide within three days after sowing any crop to effectively prevent the emergence of broadleaf weeds and grasses.

  • Which weeds does Godrej Hitweed Maxx herbicide target?

    Godrej Hitweed Maxx herbicide targets both broadleaf and narrow-leaf weeds in cotton crops, ensuring effective weed management without harming the crop.

  • When should I apply Adama Shaked herbicide in soybean crops?

    Apply Adama Shaked herbicide 20 days after soybean sowing to control grassy and broadleaf weeds that have already emerged.

  • How selective is PI Nominee Gold herbicide for rice crops?

    PI Nominee Gold herbicide is highly selective for rice, providing effective weed control with a recommended dosage of 80-120 ml per acre.

  • What is the mode of action of Dhanuka Onekil herbicide?

    Dhanuka Onekil herbicide acts as a post-emergence solution, targeting both narrow-leaf and broadleaf weeds in various crops.

  • Which crops are suitable for Syngenta Calaris Xtra herbicide application?

    Syngenta Calaris Xtra herbicide is ideal for weed control in corn and sugarcane crops, offering dual-mode action for effective and long-lasting results.

  • How should BASF Tynzer + Flux herbicide be applied in maize crops?

    Mix 30 ml of Tynzer with 500 gm of Flux in 200 liters of water and apply at the 2-3 leaf stage of weeds in maize crops for comprehensive weed protection.

  • What crops can benefit from Adama Agil herbicide application?

    Adama Agil herbicide is suitable for controlling annual grasses in crops such as tomato and chili, ensuring effective weed management and crop safety.

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