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Foul Food : Her indiscriminate feeding choices is threat to all

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal
Image credit : Usha Ramesh

Can you remember how many times have you heard ? “COW GIVES US MILK ?”

Well, It does not. No Cow has ever landed up at our door, knocking, asking to take its milk. It does not give milk. Humans take milk from Cows. There is a difference. There indeed is.

Pulling out so many favours from one animal, Does not it deserve all the respect. Yes It does. Does not it deserve to be fed properly, It deserves. Then why it has to die suffering from something we did ?

Image credit : Usha Ramesh

Cow’s indiscriminate feeding choices, makes it prey of severe painful death.

Its an irony, that the country where Cows are revered, holds a position which perhaps is conferred to one after ages of either hard work, favour, love or something indistinctive, is the same land where the animal is killed in 1000s due to something which is avoidable.

Cow, the “holy and calm” animal has passed all the legitimate stages to be where it stands today.

When the domesticated animal helped to stretch the load for miles, helped the family to relocate, it showed its hard work, When the animal, let her calf take a portion, and rendered you the majority of milk, it did favour. When the animal stood in bright sunlight and heat without revolting, it showed love.

Cows typically find their food in the street garbage and it’s mostly covered with plastic covers. When the cows try to eat it from the garbage bin, they are unable to open the plastic covers and hence it also becomes a part of their diet. Due to this, the digestive system of cows get affected by blockage in the stomach and also a chance of severe painful death.

Image credit : Usha Ramesh

What goes around, Comes around.

The ills of plastic is not just limited to animals or humans, the damage is done to the earth at parity. This Plastic is a major threat to the environment, animals, birds, sea turtles and natural elements. It is disrupting our environment, health and ecosystem altogether.

Walking freely is not really Freedom.

Freedom is the sense of  the power of being as one likes. But as the cow strolls on the Indian greens, its not sure if it is feeding on food or on latent poison.

From Kitchen to farm, milk to dung , welfare of humans is assured with this domesticated animal. Cows play an essential role in human life, and they contribute towards a healthy environment.

Image credit : Usha Ramesh

Our little steps for their long leaps

In India, mostly cows travel around the streets to find food on their own. Unfortunately, cows from the dairy farm or other individual owners let them on their own to roam around the street and eat whatever they find. 

In these times, the primary reasons behind this issue are lack of green grass in the cities and high plastic usage. We are aware of how dangerous those plastics bags and polythenes are to our environment, but we ignore the fact that we are the driver to bring any change.

Let's accept the responsibility as an individual and make changes happen.

Disrupting our environment for our own purpose is unacceptable.

We all know what is to be done,  would not state the stated,  would not write, whats already spoken. Its time for ACTION.

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