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Holi: Celebration of Diversity, Cross- Cultural Harmony, Significance & Reforms

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Holi Abroad
Holi Celebration Abroad

Holi, the festival of colors, celebrated every year not only in our country but across the globe with a lot of love and happiness. It’s a festival that appeals to people of diverse culture all over the world. Over the years it has crossed geographical barriers and is now enthusiastically celebrated with in countries like the U.S.A., the UK, South Africa, Malaysia, Fiji, and several other countries those have a significantly large Indian diaspora.

With passing years, the celebrations have changed according to the local traditions and environment of different places. As we all know India is home to a wide variety of cultures, religions, and languages where people from diverse background living together harmoniously. Celebrating different kinds of festivals every year is the true demonstration of its rich culture and traditions. As winter ends, spring arrives, and the festival of colors, begins. Holi is also seen as a celebration of good versus evil, and of a good harvest.

Significance of Holi:

  • Holi is a festival that reminds us of a colorful and vibrant life which god has given us. The colors with which Holi is celebrated denotes the various facets of life, moods, emotions, situations, attachments and aversions, spiritual knowledge, seasons, nature.

  • There is an immense significance of Holi not only from the social point of view, but it is also essential from the physical, cultural, and national perspective. That’s why it is not only a festival of colors, but also a festival of unity and friendship. During Holi celebration all barriers like caste, creed and language are forgotten and men and women join the fun, perfectly symbolizing unity in diversity.

Colors of Holi
Colors of Holi

Reforms in Holi Celebration:

  • Lately but luckily, people have started taking into consideration the environmental impacts of Holi. Synthetic colors that have adverse impacts on human skin and the environment have been replaced by eco-friendly herbal colors. People are moving towards a dry, safe & healthy Holi

  • To protect the true spiritual significance of this festival many people and NGO’s are working. Events that could harms the spirit of love and unity during this festival are being checked.

  • Nowadays, people have become more aware of the animal- rights and show care for animals by avoiding the use of harmful colors.

The joy and happiness of Holi knows no ends. We must try to wash away all the evils in our hearts along with the colors and also allow the color of love to stay there forever and ever. This is the true spirit of Holi. This colorful festival will be observed on 28th & 29th March of this year. Let's welcome the vibrant festival of colors with joy! Happy Holi!

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