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Is There a Safe Way to Hug a Cow? Read This Article to Find Out


Despite the fact that 'Cow Hug Day' has long been celebrated across the globe, the Animal Welfare Board of India recently announced that February 14 will be celebrated as Cow Hug Day to make “life happy and full of positive energy."

Shruti Kandwal
In the West, cow hugging has become a popular wellness trend today and India is just discovering it.
In the West, cow hugging has become a popular wellness trend today and India is just discovering it.

When the Animal Welfare Board of India announced February 14 as "Cow Hug Day," the reactions on social media were funny memes, jokes, and remarks. Despite this, the importance of cow hugging and what it can do for humans in terms of well-being has been well-researched and documented internationally. But, before you go hugging any cow on the street, make sure you have his/her consent.

Though this trend is ages old, India just came up with the idea to start “Cow Hug Day” on February 14. While some netzines appreciated this initiative, others were questioning the motive behind it and labeling it as just another “agenda” of government.

According to studies, cuddling a cow makes people feel calm and at ease because of the cow's larger size, slower heartbeat, and warmer body temperature.

Hugging a cow or popularly known as “Cow Cuddling” is believed to promote positivity and reduce stress in humans. But is there a safe way to hug a cow without causing any harm to them and yourself? Yes, there is!

Here are some precautions that you must take while celebrating “Cow Hug Day”:

  • Make sure you don’t scare away the cow.

  • Move slowly and try to be as gentle as you can.

  • You should be familiar with the cow.

  • Cows love to be brushed and petted, but not all of them. So, before going in for a hug, make sure the cow is comfortable too.

  • Just like humans, cows can get terrified of random hugs. Never be an uninvited guest!

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