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Most Profitable Food Businesses For 2022 That Can Make You Earn Upto Rs 3,00,000 Per Month

In this article, we have compiled top two food related business idea that can make you earn Rs 3,00,000 Per Month.

M Kanika

Profitable Food Business Ideas: Food and beverages account for 35% of an average person's income, which includes groceries as well as eating out expenses. In fact, by 2030, worldwide consumer food spending is expected to reach $20 trillion.

There are these normal expenses, and then there are the large expenditures on food and beverages that people make on special occasions such as weddings, concerts, and parties, which has increased the operations of caterers, food trucks, and street fast food restaurants, among others.

Its market size is projected to be valued roughly Rs 3,37,500 crores, and the Indian food market as a whole is worth $ 894.98 billion. In this article, you will be get to know two most profitable food related business ideas that can make you earn huge profits in the year 2022.

Top 2 Food Related Business Ideas For 2022

Here We Have Mentioned Top 2 Foods Business Ideas, Its Cost & Profit Analysis & Important Licenses

Food Truck Business

In the last 5-6 years, the food-on-wheels company has grown in popularity. There are now 21 food truck business brands with a wide range of cuisines, prices, and formats.

A food truck business involves cooking and selling food to customers from a huge van. By shifting from one location to another and attracting diverse consumer demographics, this food business allows you to cater to a larger market.

Different Types of Food Truck Businesses

  • Burger

  • Waffles

  • American

  • Barbecue

  • Fast Food

  • Street Food

  • Organic Food etc.

Licenses Required To Establish Food Truck Business

  • NOC From Chief Fire Officer

  • FSSAI License

  • Vehicle License

  • Permission From Local Municipal Body

Investment & Profit Analysis

  • Investment Required: Rs 1 Lakh – Rs 20 Lakh (Depends on Your Scale of Operations)

  • Profits Made: Rs 300000 Per Month

What are the Advantages of Starting a Food Truck Business?

  • Flexible time & schedule

  • Low investment in terms of capital & manpower

  • Quick Turnover

  • Easy expansion opportunities

  • Affordable by all the consumer segments

Who are the Target Customers?

  • School & College Students

  • Working Class population

Catering Service Business

The catering service industry is primarily responsible for the 10 million weddings that take place in India each year. It entails delivering meal service to hotels, restaurants, and other specific locations.

Different Types of catering Services

  • Buffet

  • Corporate

  • Wedding

  • Sit down

  • Restaurants Catering

Licenses Required To Establish Catering Service Business

  • Alcohol License

  • FSSAI License

  • Food Establishments License

  • Other Important Licenses

Investment Required to Set-up a Food Service Catering Business

  • Investment of Rs 1 lakh – Rs 20 Lakh

  • Profits Made Up to Rs 15 lakh

What are the Advantages of Starting a Food Catering Service Business?

  • High Turnover

  • Low Investment

  • Wide target Customer

  • Word of Mouth Promotions

Who are the Target Customers?

  • Weddings

  • Restaurants

  • Aircrafts

  • Events & Occasions

  • Commercial Offices

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