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Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Agriculture For 2022 With Salary Upto Rs 4,62,383

In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 highest paying jobs in agriculture for 2022, whose salary is upto Rs 4,62,383. Even you can apply for these positions if you have 3-4 years of college education in agriculture. Read on to know more.

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Agronomy Sales Manager Teaching Farmer About Their Land
Agronomy Sales Manager Teaching Farmer About Their Land

Agriculture is a versatile field that offers many job opportunities for youngsters. The best thing is that these agriculture jobs not only provide a good salary but many other benefits to the employees. If you also pursuing a career in agriculture then you must definitely read this article and select the best job for yourself.

High Paying Jobs in Agriculture

Below we have mentioned some of the highest paying jobs in the agriculture sector.

Agriculture Lawyer 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 395,000 

Agricultural lawyers are in charge of resolving conflicts on land while adhering to all government regulations. Agrarian legal consultants must also deal with issues such as farming structure, protection, and intellectual property due to the multiple standards governing property rules. They also deal with cases including labor regulations, environmental insurance, and proper land use.

Environmental Engineer

Avg Annual Salary: INR 433,270 

For agriculture majors, deciding to pursue a career in environmental engineering is another incredible career choice. Environmental engineers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including seeking to enhance air and water quality, overall health, and trash removal. Depending on where environmental specialists choose to work, they may also be responsible for quality control and inspecting industrial sites. While a four-year qualification is usually required for entry-level positions in this industry, a graduate degree might expand one's business opportunities.


Avg Annual Salary: INR 390,000 

Biochemistry is the branch of science that coordinates the study of science with the study of living creatures for the benefit of humanity. In the field of horticulture, the biochemist strove to design fast-growing, high-yielding types that are pest and drought-resistant. Rural businesses use natural chemists to evaluate, manufacture, and locate market items in order to boost the production of agricultural products that benefit both animals and humans. 

Agronomy Sales Manager 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 446,238 

This is one of the fundamental drivers of a farming business. These experts are liable for preparing the team, which will go to better places to instruct the farmers on the best way to think about their land and harvest appropriately. Simultaneously, they promote and sell their items that are regular seeds, manures & sol. If you love farming and you are honored with an endowment of selling the abilities, at that point, this is one of the decent career options for you.

Agricultural Engineers 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 497,492 

Here is another excellent career option for the agricultural majors, to acquire a position as an agricultural engineer. The Agrarian specialist works for a broad scope of the exercise, which may incorporate aquaculture, forestry, land farming, preserving improvement, biofuel advancement & ecology. Those people, who pick the career, must have a 4-year college education in agriculture. These positions are as of now in moderate interest as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Food Scientist 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 750,000 

If you've ever wondered who's responsible for the nutritional information written on the back of your bag of chips, you've figured it out: nutritionists. They didn't place it there to make you feel bad about how many calories you just consumed; food scientists collect this information to ensure food safety and to determine how well prepared foods can be protected. They collaborate with other academics on a regular basis to guarantee that the food given to remote areas is safe to consume. If you're the type who wants to know exactly what they're putting in their bodies, this could be a dream job for you. 

Agriculture Operations Manager 

Avg Annual salary: INR 778,278 

The agricultural operations manager is accountable for maintaining agri-business, such as grain assembling & factories. Apart from guaranteeing that everyday activities run efficiently, they are additionally entrusted with directing inventory and driving staff members. Including having some of the fundamental knowledge of farming, you should likewise have great organization & communication abilities to prevail as an agricultural operation manager.

Bioinformatics Scientist 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 800,000 

Because plant and animal life is so diverse, gathering and updating data on each of them is incredibly difficult – which is where bioinformatics scientists come in. Bioinformatics experts can develop a more powerful approach for analyzing biodiversity with the help of innovation and software engineering. Different scientists can process information much more quickly and simply using computerized data mining and integration; this is especially useful in the field of plant or crop hereditary traits, which is critical to the agriculture business.

Agricultural Economist 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 828,744 

You should be prepared to wear a variety of hats if you want to work as an agricultural economist. On the other hand, they are business coaches, advisors, and land appraisers in addition to being scientists and market examiners. They handle everything related to the agrarian market, from preparing estimates and encouraging their clients to decide on the cost of the property to anticipating which crops to develop. It's no wonder that they're paid a lot of money given the scope of their employment. This is the ideal job option for you if you have exceptional multitasking abilities. 

Animal Geneticist 

Avg Annual Salary: INR 4,62,383 

Animal geneticists are liable for finding what makes creatures feeble and what keeps them healthy. By contemplating their hereditary cosmetics, the animal geneticist can crossbreed different species to make another variety of a creature, which are substantially more versatile as they are the mix of the most attractive attributes found in species, they were produced using.  


To apply for the above positions, a candidate must have at least 3 to 4 years of college education in agriculture. Also, the average annual salary data, which is mentioned here, is taken from various sources such as Salary Expert, Payscale India, etc.

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