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Top 6 Wheat Flour (Atta) Brands in India

There were times when every household had fresh atta from chakki. The grains were washed, dried and coarsely ground to form a drum full of whole wheat flour.

Ayushi Raina
Wheat and Atta
Wheat and Atta

It's a well-known truth that Indians depend upon rotis or chapatis, but do they know about the finest atta brands to buy? Every Indian's basic diet includes fresh atta rotis and no meal is complete without a hot, puffed-up fresh atta roti.

You will need atta to create fresh rotis (obviously). With the progression of time and our increasingly hectic lifestyles, store-bought, pre-ground wheat flours began to flood the market. Wheat atta may now be delivered to your door in a single click.

Best Wheat Flour (atta) brands for your family

In India, there are various atta brands from which you can choose. The following is a list of the finest atta brands in India –

Aashirvaad Atta

In 2002, ITC joined the atta market with their Aashirvaad atta brand. Aashirvaad is one of India's most well-known atta brands. Wheat grains needed to produce this fresh atta are obtained directly from farmers via 6500 choupals. They utilize wheat from seven different areas in Madhya Pradesh. For refining wheat grains, they perform three processes. The Aashirvaad atta brand is found in the majority of Indian households. Aashirvaad also provides a wide variety of goods, including a variety of fresh atta.

Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

Fortune is an Adani Wilmar Limited brand. It is one of India's most dependable and well-known oil and atta brands. It is well-known for producing plant-based oils. Fortune atta is available in three sizes: 1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg. 

This fiber-rich atta is widely accessible both online and at local food shops. Fortune was originally linked with oil, but it is now used for wheat flour as well. This brand is considered to be among the top wheat flour atta brands in India.

Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta

Hindustan Unilever Limited owns the Annapurna atta brand. Annapurna atta was first introduced in 1998. Before milling and grinding, the grains are chosen and cleaned three times. According to the package, the flour absorbs and retains more water content, making the rotis softer and puffier. Atta brand also promises to provide its customers with excellent and nutritious wheat atta. It is also one of India's most trusted atta brands.

Shakti Bhog Atta

Shakti Bhog atta is a well-known atta brand in India, having been founded in 1981. Shakti Bhog atta is prepared with only the finest wheat grains. Before the grinding procedure, they are thoroughly cleaned. A gentle grinding process is utilised to grind the grains, which helps to preserve the natural flavour and aroma of whole wheat flour. Shakti Bhog brands provide a variety of goods such as daliya, besan, and poha.

Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta by Cargill India

Cargill India launched the Nature Fresh brand in India in October 2012. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta is available in two varieties: Sampoorna Chakki Atta and Sampoorna Sharbati Atta. Nature Fresh atta is made with high-quality grains. Madhya Pradesh grains are used in the Sampoorna Sharbati Atta. It is currently regarded as one of the top wheat flour atta brands in India.

Patanjali Atta

Patanjali is an Indian company that sells a wide variety of products. Beauty products, food and beverages, health products, and a variety of other items are among them. It is one among India's top Atta brands. It introduces Arogya wheat flour to the market. Patanjali atta, like many other atta products, claims to contain 0 percent maida and 100 percent pure wheat atta. Patanjali has a wide consumer base and is regarded as one of the top wheat flour atta brands in India.

It is very important to select atta brands intelligently in order to get the advantages. Second, it is critical to understand the atta brands that you use or select. Before making a decision, thoroughly read all of the ingredients on atta brands. Everyone wants to eat some nice, old-fashioned atta. Finally, it is your job to be a wise buyer.

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