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World Health Day: Let’s Make the World a Better and Healthy Place to Live

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Rich- Poor Divide
Rich- Poor Divide

We are living in a world that is unequal and unfair. All over the globe, many people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs with little daily income, fewer employment opportunities, poorer housing conditions and education, experiencing gender inequality, and having little or no access to safe environments, clean water and air, food security and health services. On the other side, there are group of people who are busy enjoying all amenities and luxuries, without even thinking about the poorer section of society. This creates unnecessary suffering, illness, and premature death of many poor people and ultimately it harms our societies and economies. This year, World Health Organization (WHO) launched a new campaign to build a fairer & healthier world. 

Historical Background of World Health Day 

World Health Day is celebrated on 7th March of each year.  From its inception at the First Health Assembly in 1948 and since taking effect in 1950, the celebration has aimed to raise awareness of the important health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World. Over the past 50 years this has brought to light specific health issues such as mental health, maternal and child care, and climate change. The celebration is marked by activities which extend beyond the day itself and serves as an opportunity to focus worldwide attention on these important aspects of global health. 

Significance of day of World Health Day

  • World Health Day is observed by the countries across the world along with government and non-government health bodies with the main aim of promoting healthy living habits. 

  • This day brings attention of world- leaders to the pressing aspects of health especially on the rising mental health. 

  • Over the years, it has played important role in pointing out healthcare gaps and initiating debates and discussion to bridge them. 

  • Right now as new strains of COVID-19 come to light, they possess a huge challenge to our healthcare experts and scientists. So, it is important to understand that currently vaccination is the only answer to the pandemic and thus, we need to reach out to as many people and convince them to go for it. 

World Health Day
World Health Day

Indian Scenario:  

  • Though India has dynamic pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, world-class scientists but right now we are facing many challenges in the sphere of public health. Indian government and public health officials agree that the country is facing persistent public health challenges, particularly the poor. These include child under- nutrition and low birth weights that often lead to premature death or lifelong health problems, high rates of neonatal and maternal mortality, growth in non- communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and tobacco use, leading to cancer and other diseases, and high rates of road traffic accidents that result in injuries and deaths. 

  • As our government strives to provide comprehensive health coverage for all, the country’s rapidly developing health system remains an area of concern. There are disparities in health and health care systems between poorer and richer states and under-funded health care systems that in many cases are inefficient and under- regulated. 

As COVID-19 has highlighted, some people are able to live healthier lives and have better access to healthcare services than others - entirely due to the conditions in which they are born, grow, live, work and age. The impact of pandemic has been harshest on those communities which were already vulnerable, who are more exposed to the disease, less likely to have access to quality health care services. This is unfair and it should be prevented. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health and also make sure that all people are able to access quality health services when and where they need them. Let us together build a fairer and healthier world! 

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