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Honda India Power at the Intersection of Innovation in the Construction Industry

For the last 38 years, HIPP has been the preferred choice of customers worldwide and has powered the dreams of over 5 million happy users by “Empowering them, To Do Better”.

KJ Staff

Honda India Power Products was the first company in the industry to introduce a 4-stroke technology to the Indian market, giving Indian consumers unparalleled operational efficiency.

In 2020, HIPP achieved the 5-million-unit sales milestone and concluded 35 years of enabling mechanized operations in India. At the outset, we have played an imperative role in accelerating the use of our flagship 4-stroke technology in construction equipment.

Construction equipment such as a concrete mixer, vibrator, cutter, surface leveller, soil compactor, and stone crusher are powered by General Purpose Engines (1 ~ 22 hp). Other applications for our general-purpose engines include agricultural spraying and harvesting, long tail boats, high-pressure washers, rail cutting, milking machines, and so on.

Honda’s USP in the Construction Equipment Space

Honda has been a global pioneer in developing 4-Stroke Technology-powered GX Engines for construction equipment all over the world. The mobility, low-weight design, durability, and unrivalled fuel efficiency of Honda GX Engines are critical for continuous and heavy-duty labour requirements at any construction site. Honda GX Engine powered construction equipment such as Concrete Mixer, Concrete Cutter, Vibrators, Soil Compactor, Surface Leveller, and so on provide a significant increase in productivity over conventional gear.

The application of such equipment is irreplaceable and can significantly elevate the efficiency of the tasks.  Concrete mixers are tools that allow the rapid and precise preparation of concrete mixtures with various strengths. Additionally, certain concrete mixers can pour the concrete mix right on the building site, reducing the need for manual labour. Concrete requires a special technique to cut through since it is substantially thicker and more durable than many other building materials. This is where concrete cutters step in. Concrete cutters are power equipment used to cut through solid materials including concrete, tiles, asphalt, and more. Likewise, Vibrators extract the trapped air from the mixture, resulting in a more compact and flatter slab. Soil compactors serve an important role in enhancing soil field density by putting a compressive force on the soil's surface. When a builder prepares to lay a concrete slab, levelled and graded ground is crucial on the building site. A leveller is essential for surface levelling, plaining, finishing, and spot eliminating, which hastens the use of levellers in flooring and road construction.

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Integrating Tech Prowess in Honda’s Diverse Product Repertoire

HIPP is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology in all of its product offerings and is well supported by HRID (Honda Research & Industrial Development) in identifying user requirements and potential applications through regular market research, ascertaining evolving consumer needs, and collaboration with its overseas R&D centres. Our innovative OHV technology-based GX engine series, which powers diverse construction equipment such as concrete needle vibrators, cutters, and mixers, is the culmination of years of focused R&D work.

Way Forward

HIPP has put forth a concerted effort to promote mechanisation in the Construction and Agriculture sectors by introducing Honda's legendary 4-Stroke technology-based products such as Overhead Valve (OHV)Engine powered Concrete Mixer, Vibrator, Cutter, Surface Leveller, Soil Compactor, Stone Breaker & Portable Water Pumps, Power Tillers, Brush Cutters for maximum work efficiency. Given the diverse usage that HIPP products cater to, they have become the benchmark in their respective usage segments.  Much like the agriculture sector of the Power product business, Honda Power will continue to follow a rigorous process of understanding customers’ needs and expedite the shift to 4 Stroke technology by clearly demonstrating the Honda advantage to customers.

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