Global Session on Stress Management

Global Session on Stress Management

Global Session on Stress Management will be organized by the Conference Mind on 20- 21 October 2021 in virtual format. The theme of this conference is “Effective Stress Management - Prevent & Relieve Stress”.

It will assemble all Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Stress Researchers, Public health professionals, Scientists, Academic Scientists, Industry Researchers, Scholars to alternate their superior lookup and work on Stress Management.

Session & Tracks:

Track 1: Stress Management

Track 2: Stress and Psychiatry

Track 3: Anxiety

Track 4: Insomnia Disorder

Track 5: Cognitive Restructuring

Track 6: ABC Technique

Track 7: Meditation and Relaxation Response

Track 8: Emotional Intelligence

Track 9: Sports Psychology

Track 10: Diathesis-Stress Model

Track 11: Stress, Inflammation, Immunity

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Global Session on Stress Management
Date: 20- 21 October 2021

Conference Mind

Mobile: +91-7735912022

Registration Link:

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