Webinar on Disease and Pest Management in Paddy

Webinar on Disease and Pest Management in Paddy
Webinar on Disease and Pest Management in Paddy

Almost all of the states in the country produce rice all year. Some states, such as West Bengal, Assam, and Orissa, raise two crops per year. Irrigation allows farmers to grow two, and in some cases three, crops per year with a thick canal setup. Rice is thus grown even in parts of western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana where low-lying areas become flooded during the summer monsoon rainy season.

At the same time, farmers lose a large portion of their rice crop each year due to pests and diseases. Diseases can infect paddy at any stage of development and in all aerial parts of the plant. Many major diseases can be found in nurseries, including leaf blast, neck blast, nodal blast, rice tungro diseases (RTSV), and bacterial leaf blight. There are also various diseases that can affect plants in the growing stage in the main field, such as sheath blight, sheath rot, and brown spots, which are all causes of crop loss and can affect plants in the growing stage in the main field.

Not only plants and leaves but also healthy grains can be affected by various diseases such as False Smut and Kernel Smut. And grain rot, which usually appears after two days of heading and causes spikelets to lose their green colour and turn whitish before turning brown, and the grain discoloration to infect either the milk stage, after harvesting, or during storage.

As a result, proper disease and pest management are essential for increased yield and grain quality. Crop management and timely and accurate disease diagnosis can significantly reduce losses and be beneficial. So, there are the following steps that should be taken care of;

  • The selection of quality seeds & resistant varieties

  • Seed Selection zone wise

  • Nursery Management

  • Plant Protection from pest

  • Disease management after pest attack

  • Judicious application of Manures and Fertilizer

In the above context, Krishi Jagran is organizing a webinar on “Diseases and Pest Management in Paddy” on 29 June 2022 from 03 pm onwards. In which we will invite crop management experts, government officials/scientists, and industrialists to learn about and educate farmers about proper paddy crop management.

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Webinar on Diseases and Pest Management in Paddy
Date: 29 June 2022

Krishi Jagran

Address: Metro Station Green Park, 60/9,
Yusuf Sarai Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India
Mobile: 91 8076942046, 9818893752

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