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Agriculture Machines: Buy, Sell and Rent Tractor, Tiller & Rotavator through This Government App

Agriculture is a labor intensive job and that needs for deployment of machines in the farm. These machines can carry out farming operations much faster than the human labor.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Using Government App
Using Government App

Agriculture is a labor intensive job and that needs for deployment of machines in the farm. These machines can carry out farming operations much faster than the human labor. But these farming equipment and machinery are often very expensive & not every farmer is able to purchase it.  

But Don’t Worry! You can now rent these machines according to your requirement, with just a click on your mobile phone. You can even offer these machines on rent if you own them and earn extra money. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India has prepared a mobile app, through which you can get all the latest information related to farming and farm machinery like tractors, tillers, rotavators, etc. 

The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared the "FARMS-Farm Machinery Solutions" App (FARMS-Farm Machinery Solutions). Through this mobile app, farmers can do farming work by renting farm equipment and machines sitting at home. This is one of the best apps for farmers.

FARMS-Farm Machinery Solutions App: 

This Multi-language Mobile App platform 'FARMS- Farm Machinery Solutions' will facilitate local farmers and citizens of the different States across the country with the Custom hiring services of Farm Machinery Banks, Custom Hiring Centers and Hi-tech Hubs established under the various Schemes of DAC&FW, MoA&FW without any computer support system.

This app will help the individual farmers, willing to provide their agricultural machinery & equipments on rental basis to increase their farm income beside making the optimum utilization of the available Agricultural machineries available in CHCs/FMBs/Hi-tech Machinery Hubs. 
This app will provide a platform for sale and purchase of old agriculture machinery to farmers also. 

How to Download “FARMS- Farm Machinery Solutions” App? 

Farmers can download this app from their Android mobile phone (Mobile App) by visiting Google Play Store.

  • After downloading this app, you will get the option to choose the language. This app is available in 12 languages, choose the language of your choice. 

  • After this you have to create a password by entering your mobile number. Then the farmer is required to fill complete information asked. For example, the name of the state, district, tehsil, block and village size of land holding etc.

  • In order to use the app you have to first register yourself on the app. Registration is done in two ways. If farmers want to rent agricultural machinery and machines, then they can register in the user category and if they want to offer machinery on rent, then they can register by going to the service provider category. 

  • Complete details and fare of agricultural machinery and machines can also be seen on the 'FARMS-Farm Machinery' Booking can also be done from your mobile by choosing the machine and andits fare accordingly.  

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