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Best Power Tillers 2020 in India & Their Amazing Features

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Honda power tiller

Tillers are important equipment in farming & agriculture. They have various uses like ploughing, weeding etc. Tillers break the soil into smaller pieces which improves the soil aeration & prevents weeds to grow.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the best power tillers available in India in 2020 & learn about their features. All these are very good & based on your requirements you can choose any tiller.

Let’s discuss Top Power Tillers:

1. KMW Mega T15 Deluxe by Kirloskar

Manufactured by Kirloskar, it offers the versatility of a tiller & the comfort & performance of a tractor at the turn of a key. This model which we are discussing offers several unique features. Some of these are Key Start Ignition, Mobile Charger, Power Meter, Alternator & Safety Start Switch. It is powered by a 15HP engine that can handle any type of farm work both wet & dry land applications. It offers maximum efficiency for minimum fuel consumption. Advanced brakes and tractor-like seat ensures maximum safety & comfort to users. It has cera metallic clutch to ensure longer life. It has some unique applications that have not been seen in tillers before.

2. Honda FJ500 Power Tiller

Honda power tillers & power weeders are widely used for crop cultivation. They are also effectively used in weed control in dry & semi dry fields. It is very cost effective & tilling the land is easy. It is powered by 4 stroke petrol engine & is very easy to use in farms & gardens. The maintenance cost is low. It has high quality blades which are essential to till rough soils.

3. Kubota 140DI

It comes with RT140DM which is very powerful & able of working continuously in high RPM & the attached 80cms width rotary helps increase power on earth pulverization. This tiller has mixed curved rotary blades & it can till the soil deeper upto 12cms in the dry field & upto 15cms in the open field. Kubota 1400DI can work well in both wet & dry fields without the requirement to change the blades. It gives better working visibility & long range light for the operator due to the new design of the headlight.

Kubota Tiller
Kubota Tiller

4. Kamco Power Tiller

It’s a versatile machine & primarily used for preparation of land for farming operations. The accessories are designed suitably & therefore this machine can be used in large numbers of specific operations like tilling, ploughing, weeding etc. It is also designed to function in both wet & dry soil conditions. It has retained its number one position in India over the last three decades. The company manufactures several models of garden tillers & farm tillers.

5. Shakti Power Tillers

The tiller in focus here is VST Shakti 135DI Power tiller. It is a versatile machine which carries out all the functions of a tractor except that the operator has to walk behind it. It is ideally suited for small farmers with usages of wet puddling, dry land cultivation etc. It can also be coupled with a trailer that has the capacity of 1.5 tons for transportation.

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