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Top 5 Websites of Tractors and Farm Implements in India

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KJ Contributor
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Owning a brand new or used Tractor and Farm Implements is the most valuable decision for Indian farmers. For both monetarily and as far as the measure of time they spent with Tractors. What's more, wouldn't you know it, there are many website/applications for that. You would now be able to find Tractors, Implements, and Harvesters of various types online today. You don't have to leave your place to research, browse, inquire, and finance for your preferred Tractors and Farm Implements in the Current Coronavirus circumstance. 

To decide our top picks, we began by contrasting 10-12 well known online vehicle purchasing platforms and narrowing the rundown down to just the destinations that offer a wide determination of Farm Implements at various value focuses. 

After a lot of research, these websites were found to be more popular among the farming community.

Tractor Junction

Rajat Gupta and Shivani Gupta are the founders of Tractor Junction, established in April 2016 in Alwar, Rajasthan. Tractor Junction is undoubtedly the No.1 Website/App for Tractors and Farm Implements.  

Tractor junction

Our researchers found Tractor Junction is having 27-30 lakhs* visitors per month on the Website, and on the mobile application, the no of users is 3 lakhs* per month.  

The Website of Tractor Junction is not challenging to utilise, and accessible in excess of 5 languages shows thousand of New/Used Tractors, Farm Implements and Harvesters. Visitors can see subtleties, for example, the timeframe a given vehicle has been available, in addition to any price changes for that vehicle. Tractor Junction has one of the most excellent evaluated New/used -Tractor apps available. It works with Android as of now, and very much like the Website, it checks numerous online information bases to assist you with finding your desired tractor. The application additionally area based looking, price-drop alerts and high-res pictures/videos to help you track down the best deals on the most nearby places, and farmers can even apply for financing. Farm Implements and Tractors, Tyres, hand-operated machinery such as brush cutters, sprayers, power tillers, tarpaulin, Power weeder and others are also available on Tractor Junction.  

Tractor Junction's unique feature is the Used Tractor Price Calculator, which is helpful to all the ecosystem players such as Tractor dealers, brokers, salesman, financiers and others. Which Shows the correct price with 95-98% accuracy based on geography, Tractor Junction is the one and only Website with a Used Tractor Price Calculator.   

Usually, farmers buy or replace tractors and farm implements in 3-4 years. That's why Tractor Junction Website/App is regularly posting all the tractors, Sarkari Yojna, Agri, Rural and other related news, Mandi price, weather updates and many more to keep engaging farmers with the,. At TJ website/App, the farmers can get tractors and buy or sell Agriculture land, used Implements, Harvesters and Animals like Cows, and Buffaloes in a hyper local way. It will not wrong if we say that Tractor Junction is a true Rural India's OLX. 


Tractor Junction was steeped in the commercial vehicle's world a short time ago with their new idea 'Truck Junction', which has made its place in many people's heart in a short time.   

Used Tractors- As per the record, more than 8500 tractors are listed on the Tractor Junction website in the last 3 months.  

Position on Social Media & YouTube 

Facebook page: Tractor Junction's likes - 771k Likes, which is on No. 2 after the Khetigaadi (1.2M), but as per the engagement, Tractor Junction has first place among others on the Facebook page.  

Instagram: Tractor Junction is in the first place, having 36.5k followers 

Twitter: Tractor Junction is in the first place, having 904 followers 

YouTube channel:  Tractor Junction is in the first place, has 300k Subscribers, 434 uploaded videos and 32M Overall views since Inception.    

Tractor Junction organises India's most prestigious tractor and farm implement award, known as the ITOTY (Indian Tractor of the Year) Award. More than 18 tractor and farm implements manufacturers participated in the second edition of this award. 

Official Website - https://www.tractorjunction.com/

Note - The remaining part of the article is currently under review. 

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