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Top 5 Websites to Buy Used Tractors in India

Buying a tractor is a major life and financial decision for all farmers. It comes with a certain amount of risk that not every other farmer can make. Used tractors eliminate a lot of the risks associated with buying a new tractor. Here’s a list of places where you can buy used tractors.

Aarushi Chadha

There is a big market out there for used tractors because they have several benefits for the farmer. But before you go purchase a new tractor, consider buying a used one. Here are the reasons why you should buy used tractors.

Benefits of Buying Used Tractors:

Price- New tractors are a big investment and buying them takes a lot of consideration. Plus, ownership of a new tractor comes with the added cost of insurance, warranty, taxes, and upkeep. However, you can forego these added costs when you buy a used tractor. The money you can save on paying fewer taxes and insurance rates can instead be directed towards maintaining the tractor.

Accessibility- Purchasing a new tractor is a lengthy process that involves the tedious and time-consuming job of loan approvals, inspection, registration, and much more. However, you can buy a tractor from the seller immediately after inspecting the vehicle and making sure it is well-kept. Plus, you don’t have to book the vehicle beforehand and drive it on the field without wasting any time.

Decrease in depreciation- Depreciation is inevitable, especially when it comes to new heavy machinery and automobiles. However, depreciation doesn’t affect used tractor buyers because they have spent a fraction of the sum they would have paid if they bought a new tractor. The rate of depreciation also tends to decrease as time goes on. You can also make back the most of your money if you decide to resell your already-used tractor.

Things to Inspect Before Purchasing Used Tractors:

Whether it is new or used, tractors are a major investment for any small commercial farmer. Therefore, it is extremely important that you inspect the automobile thoroughly before making a commitment to it-

Documents- Before selecting a tractor, ensure that the seller provides you with the proper documentation. This involves warranty details, number plate, tractor owner’s information, service book, outstanding loans, and commercial work permits.

Check the safety measures- Make sure that if the tractor doesn’t have a roll bar, then it should have a seat belt. You must also check the safety switches such as the transmission, clutch pedal, and brake pedal.

Overall external appearance- A well-maintained tractor on paper should look well-maintained in person as well. Check to see if the tractor has peeling paint, rust, weathered tires, or dents because these indicate that the tractor was not properly stored and taken care of.

As the new driver of a used tractor, you need to make sure that the seats are in good condition otherwise you’ll spend hours on end on an uncomfortable seat. Also make sure, that the tractor cabin is well-ventilated and that the mirror is in optimal condition. 

Check the hydraulic power- Make sure that the engine is not running while you check the hydraulics. While inspecting look for leaks, poor seals, and signs of damage to the outlet or hydraulic tank. Also, check to see what types of attachments you will be running and whether the hydraulics have a suitable outlet for that.

Check the fluids- With the engine still off and preferably cool, take the cap off the radiator to ensure that it has a sufficient amount of coolant and that there is no oil floating on top of it. Check the engine oil next to ensure that it is black unless it has been changed recently.

Check the hours driven as well as the condition of the electronics- The hour meter tells you a lot about the state of the tractor and how efficiently it will work for you. It is important that you make an informed decision while purchasing a used tractor, therefore, check to see if all of the electronics in the interior work as they should.

Top 5 Websites to Buy Used Tractors in India

As discussed before, there is a large market out there for selling used tractors. It is even possible to buy and sell tractors online. Let’s look at some of the best websites to buy a used tractor-

OLX- OLX is an e-commerce ecosystem that has made trading convenient. Other than basic household goods, it is also possible to trade automobiles such as trucks on the site. On the OLX website, you can filter your searches by picking your budget, kilometers driven, location, as well as how used the truck can be.

IndiaMART- IndiaMART is another online B2B marketplace that helps connect buyers with sellers. On IndiaMART, you can filter your searches to tractor types and even by brands.

TractorJunction- TractorJunction is a designated website for buying old and used tractors in India. Their mission is to be transparent with their dealings and provide every farmer with a chance to own their tractor. They even go as far as provide customer support care to prospective customers who are unable to find a suitable tractor for themselves in any of the listings. At the TractorJunction website, you can avail offers and schemes as well as filter your searches on the basis of a year of purchase, brand, tractor price, etc.

TractorGyan- TractorGyan is an online marketplace for buying and selling used tractors of any brand. TractorGyan’s interface is easy to use and offers a wide range of user-friendly features such as an EMI calculator, genuine listings, radius-based search options, along with several other advanced search filters. Its mission is to create a trustworthy and transparent platform that allows buyers to connect with vendors easily.   

Droom- Droom is an e-commerce website for all types of automobiles. According to their website, every vehicle listed on Droom goes through a rigorous inspection and certification process to ensure that the buyers are getting all of the necessary information along with a fair price. It also allows its customers the option to return the vehicle before making full payment. 

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