Bhimtal: The Succulent Plant Hub

Succulent Plant Nursery Inspection by Dr. Narendra Kumar, Chief Horticulture Officer, Nainital
Succulent Plant Nursery Inspection by Dr. Narendra Kumar, Chief Horticulture Officer, Nainital

Bhimtal is a small town in district Nainital of Uttarakhand situated at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level having a population of 7722 (as per the 2011 census) is growing as a succulent plant hub in the succulent plant industry, Bhimtal now accounts for over 40 percent of the Delhi succulent plant market and the succulent plant also sell to U.P. & Hariyana, Chandigarh, Jaipur market.

This activity generates self-employment and livelihood are the local people. There are around 50 nurseries in Bhimtal and the adjacent areas generate around 10 Crore business in a very small hill town, succulent industry offers a great opportunity for farmers in terms of income generation and empowerment and another striking feature is that succulent is for all, from the smallest pot kept in the bathroom shelf to the nursery at an international platform.

Succulent plant- The botanical survivor:

Dr. Narendra Kumar Chief Horticulture Officer, Nainital said that Succulent plant has a striking and unusual appearance with multiple shapes and colors and their ability to survive with minimal care they are known as botanical survivors. Their leaves are thick, fleshy, and engorged to retain water thus making them suitable to thrive under arid conditions, seeing their botanical morphology one can state them “Succulent plant: The future plant”. It can survive on mist and dew, thus tolerant of the water-scarce ecosystem.

Succulent Plant Nursery Inspection Going on
Succulent Plant Nursery Inspection Going on

The oxygen bomb:

2/3rd of our body is made up of 02 thus is essential for every living individual. As per NASA, 87% of volatile organic compounds present in indoor air can be purified by the succulent plant within 24 hours. These plants produce O2 even in absence of light this sets succulent plants above the rest of the species.

The departmental support:

Dr. Narendra Kumar Chief Horticulture Officer, Nainital said: Department of horticulture government of Uttarakhand has been a boost since the start of this Succulent industry, plays a pivotal role in providing subsidies on the installation of poly houses for protected cultivation a farmer can avail 50% subsidy under the centrally sponsored scheme (HMNEH) and 30% matching subsidy from State Sector Plan (Total 80% subsidy) and 90% subsidy from District Plan and technical support under the district plan for starting their business.

Way ahead:

With the growing demand for succulent plant species in the national and international market, it is estimated that the new entrepreneur will come forward and start their business in this field and flourish in the future.

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