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The Jackfruit Brand: “Minnus Fresh Foods” is hugely, beneficial for increasing the body’s resistance to cancer and controlling Glucose in Blood.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Different Grain Products from Minus Fresh Foods
Different Grain Products from Minus Fresh Foods

Jackfruit, the State Fruit of Kerala has climbed its status from being just a fruit that was meant for the birds and squirrels and left to rot during the monsoon months to an International Status. This was only due to the hard and everlasting work of many growers, organizations, and individuals, and the country as a whole in promoting the products of jackfruit among consumers. At present, there are many who have devoted their time very constructively to create more delicacies from the fruit. In a conversation with the Editor, AW, Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan, Francy Joshimon shares her passion and also the story of the realization of the potential of the fruit and her diverse range of value-added products from Jackfruit.

The unit is named Minus Fresh Foods after Francy Joshimon’s daughter. The reason to start such a unit was the diagnosis of Francy Joshimon’s father with cancer and the subsequent search for pure, organic food in the market, which did not exist. She Operates this unit as a ladies only, MSME unit. All the workers are members of the Kudumbashree Mission.

Workers at "Minus  Fresh Foods"
Workers at "Minus Fresh Foods"

The unit’s main product is Jackfruit. This is because of the study that links jackfruit to increasing the body’s resistance to cancer and also decreasing the pain and irritation for those who underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy and also helping to bring down the glucose load in blood.. The unit has its own brand of immunity booster developed by the unit itself. It is now mainly used by cancer patients. It also helps to restore energy in cancer patients undergoing treatment. They also have developed their own wellness products and baby foods.

Chili Power from "Minus  Fresh Foods"
Chili Power from "Minus Fresh Foods"

The products include chili powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, rice powder bran rice powder, chemba rice powder, jackfruit health mix, jackfruit puttu powder, jackfruit wheat powder, sprouted wheat powder, sprouted ragi powder (baby food), raw banana powder (baby food), soft puttu powder, meat masala, chicken masala, sambhar masala, fish masala, fried jackfruit chips, jackfruit jelly, avalose powder, etc.

The brand is an ISO 22000:2018 certified brand. Their products are pure, organic, and hygienic products. They do not add any kind of additives or preservatives. It Started as a home-operating unit in December of 2017 and then it was moved to an independent unit on the 13th of July 2018, inaugurated by the Hon. State Minister of Agriculture, V.S. Sunil Kumar. The training for jackfruit based products was given by the Ex-service Men Society at Vettilappara, Kerala. The necessary guidance needed to buy and operate the machinery needed for the units was provided by Jissy George, the Subject Matter Specialist at Alappuzha KVK. The technology needed for soft puttu powder was purchased from Kerala Agriculture University. Advancements in the packaging were due to the help of Dr. K.P Sudheer, Professor at Kerala Agriculture University.

There are many types of equipment needed and they are made to order. The Prices of the Roaster are Rs. 200600, Drier Rs. 245000, Tray Rs. 46800. Pulveriser Rs. 62000,Basement Rs. 9000, Motor Rs. 13500, Pulper Rs. 105000, Blender Rs. 135000 and Table Rs. 53000.

The Raw materials required for her unit are sourced from her village says, Francy. With Jackfruit getting recognition from the American Diabetes Association, Minnus Products are going to be the talk of the town as they are less in calorie and sugar and bursting with flavor.

Francy Joshimon

Francy Joshimon

Kerala, Kerala

Owner of MINNUS Fresh Food Products

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