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10 Amazing Benefits of Mango Leaves for Skin, Hair and Overall Health

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
mango leaves

We all love mangoes…isn’t it. Mango is a tangy, tasty fruit that offers numerous health benefits. But do you know that the leaves of mangoes are also equally beneficial for your body.

Mango leaves contain many healing and medicinal properties. The benefits of mango leaves are so diverse and extensive that they are given huge importance in eastern medicine too. The leaves are reddish and purplish when new, and grow into a dark green color & have a pale bottom.

Mango leaves are fleshy as well as shiny with a sharp tip containing vitamin A, B and C. They are also loaded with many other nutrients. Mango leaves have strong antioxidant properties as they have a high content of flavonoids & phenols.

Mango leaves benefits

Lowers blood pressure level

Mango leaves help in lowering the blood pressure as they contain hypotensive properties. They also help in strengthening blood vessels & treating the problem of varicose veins.


Treats gall & kidney stones

Leaves of mango help in treating kidney stones & gall bladder stones. The daily consumption of finely ground powder of mango leaves with water helps in breaking the stones & flushing them out.

Helps in Managing Diabetes

Mango leaves helps in regulating diabetes. The tender mango leaves contain tannins termed anthocyanidins that can help in treating early diabetes. Mango leaves are dried and crushed, or used as an infusion to treat the same.

Cures respiratory problems

The leaves of mangoes are good for all types of respiratory problems. It is especially helpful for people suffering from cold, asthma and bronchitis. If you boil mango leaves in water, add little honey and drink it then this will help in curing cough effectively. It also cures voice loss.

Fights restiveness

People who suffer from restlessness because of anxiety must use mango leaves as a remedy. All they need to do is put some mango leaves in your bath water. This helps in relaxing as well as refreshing your body.

mango leaves

Good for skin and hair

Mango leaf extract can help in reducing signs of skin aging owing to its antioxidant content. Also, mango leaves promote hair growth and is used in many hair products.

Treats dysentery

Mango leaves also helps in curing bleeding dysentery. Dried mango leaves must be powdered and then consumed with water 2 to 3 times a day to stop dysentery.

For ear aches

If you ever have pain in your ears then use mangoes leaves as home remedy that will give you quick relief. A teaspoon of juice extracted from the leaves of mango work as an effective ear pain killer. Heat the juice slightly before you use it.

Keeps stomach clean

Add some mango leaves in warm water, pour it in a container and leave it for whole night. The next morning filter the water & drink this it on an empty stomach. Daily consumption of this liquid flushes out toxins from the body & keeps stomach clean.

Stops hiccups

If you face frequent hiccups or other throat problems then mango leaves can be the perfect home remedy. Just burn some mango leaves & inhale the smoke. This will help in curing hiccups and other throat problems.

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