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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves & How to Include it in Your Diet

Moringa leaves are a great source of protein and also contain all important amino acids. The leaves are mainly rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamins A, D, C.

Abha Toppo
Moringa Leaves

Moringa, also called drumstick and horseradish is a tropical tree and is grown and consumed in different parts of Asia and Africa. Interestingly, the moringa plant is a distant relative of cabbage and broccoli and has a similar nutritional profile. It is said that the leaves of the moringa plant contain high medicinal value.

Moringa leaves are a great source of protein and also contain all important amino acids. The leaves are mainly rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamins A, D, C. There are several studies as well as scientific findings that support the therapeutic nature of Moringa leaves and have confirmed that they are indeed the powerhouse of nutrients.

Benefits of Moringa Leaves

Increases Energy

Moringa leaves help in increasing energy levels of the body, giving relief from tiredness and fatigue. Moringa leaves are rich in iron that help in reducing weakness & drowsiness in the body. These leaves contain a good amount of vitamin A which ensures that iron is absorbed & properly utilized by the body. If you feel tired at the office or at home then you must start your day with a cup of Moringa tea every morning.

Moringa leaves is good for Diabetics

Moringa leaves have powerful phytochemicals which can reduce sugar levels in the blood. It can also reduce the levels of cholesterol, lipids & oxidative stress that can contribute to the development of diabetes in the human body. The rich content of antioxidants in moringa leaves protects against cell damage & stops the activities of free radicals.

Healthy Brain

The rich contents of antioxidants improve brain health and support cognitive functions. These leaves also improve the functioning & activities of neurotransmitters. People having Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other brain problems are given moringa leaves to help reduce severity & correct the damage. They are rich in vitamin C & E that fights oxidation, brain aging, thereby boosting the overall health and function of the brain.

Protects Heart

Moringa leaves are said to protect the heart & support the cardiovascular system.  They bring down the bad cholesterol levels, which can block the blood vessels thereby causing a heart attack. These leaves also protect blood vessels & prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Fights Infections

Moringa leaves are rich in antimicrobial & antibacterial compounds and thus help in fighting skin infections, urinary tract infections & digestive problems. It is used in treating injuries and wounds because of its powerful antimicrobial properties. There are blood-clotting properties in moringa leaves, which can help in stopping bleeding and preventing infection of wounds.

Boosts Immune System

Moringa leaves are loaded with strong immune-boosting phytonutrients that strengthen the immune system & enable it to fight off infections & parasites easily. It also contains vitamin A, C & iron that support a healthy and active immune system.

Healthy Eyes

Leaves of moringa are rich in Vitamin A that supports healthy eyes, clear visions & prevents eye problems.

For Strong Bones

Strong and healthy bones is essential for overall health. If you have pain in the bones then start consuming Moringa leaves regularly. These leaves are very rich in calcium, vitamin K & proteins which contributes to a healthy bone & prevent thinning of bones.

Protects Liver

Moringa leaves contain high concentrations of polyphenols that protects the liver against any damage. These leaves can reverse oxidative damage in the liver and increase levels of proteins in it. Moringa leaves can also reduce liver fibrosis & damage and increase the levels of enzymes in the liver so that it functions properly.

How to Use Moringa leaves?

You can utilize Moringa leaves in three ways: raw leaves, powder and juice form.

Moringa powder - Here, the fresh leaves of moringa are dried in a shade. Make sure you don't dry them under direct sunlight because it will reduce the nutritional value of moringa leaves. After it is dried, grind them into a fine powder.

Moringa juice - fresh leaves of moringa is crushed and then the juice is extracted for use. You can obtain moringa powder and moringa juice from your nearby market or online.

Moringa leaves usage

  • Stir it into water

  • Use it in tea

  • Mix it into shakes and smoothies

  • Sprinkle it into soups

  • Use as salad toppings

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