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4 Most Important Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon

M Kanika
M Kanika
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Monsoon comes with refreshing rain, which gives us relief from the unbearable summer heat. Monsoon brings life to nature as well as environment. Along with its charm & enthusiasm that it brings for each and every living being on planet, it also fosters hub of several diseases such as cholera, jaundice, food poisoning, typhoid, cough, dysentery, cold and flu.

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All of these diseases have severe bad impact on health, and it is totally unwanted. Monsoon diseases are prone to infect kids and elder people who are suffering from diabetes mellitus, rheumatism, heart disease/infections are more easily trap with the bad health problems during monsoon than others.

Therefore, it is a matter of concern to take precaution and good care of your health and maintain a good diet during the monsoon to avoid the major health problems. It’s important to choose what to eat & what not to eat during monsoon. A single wrong food habit can lead you in big trouble or you have an upset stomach.

Besides, monsoon is a right time to pep up & protect oneself from bacterial infections and viral. Structuring a monsoon diet along with some dietary precautions in mind can excuse one from major risk of facing the health problems during monsoon.  

Some Important tips to protect your health during monsoon

Add Alkaline food in your diet

The food that we eat has an impact on body’s PH level. Internally your body work constantly to maintain acid/alkaline content in blood levels. The PH level of blood is between 7.35 & 7.45. As monsoon comes with diseases so it’s always good to add more alkaline food and keep away the various diseases.

One must add various green vegetables and fruits in their daily eating. Fruits like bananas, apples, litchis, pomegranate, cherries, pears and the vegetables like radish, bitter gourd carrots and fenugreek are a part of your regular diet.

As it is said “prevention is better than cure, so grab more and more alkaline food & keep the major monsoon health issues far away”. 

Drink Plenty of Water

There is a high humidity in the atmosphere during monsoon but body gets dehydrated. Drinking a plenty of clean, filtered and boiled water is highly recommended.  One should drink more water in the monsoon, due to high humidity sweat does not get evaporate and prevent the body from releasing heat. This is why one must drink 8 to 12 glass of water a day.

Drinking enough water helps to get rid of toxins & other bad ailment present in body. It helps in fighting with various infections & boost energy. So, drink plenty of clean and fresh water to be healthy and avoiding carbonated drinks is best step towards good health as they lead to the reduction of mineral level eventually causing poor functioning of enzymes & problems of indigestion arises. 

Include spices & herbs

During monsoon, our immunity tends to be lower and our immune system finds it hard to digest food. Including herbs in food, such as fenugreek, garlic, Hing, ginger, Cumin, turmeric and neem may help as they prevent the infection & help to digest food.

These herbs keep the body strong enough to keep diseases and infections far away during monsoon season. One can also witch to herbals teas like lemon or ginger tea. It’s good to drink herbal teas during monsoon, as it will keep flu or cold away. So, few spices and herbs can make your immunity strong enough to enjoy the monsoon season without any health problems.  

Exercise & Yoga

As monsoon comes with drizzling rain and shower which might obstructs the exercise routine. But, following an alternative exercise program inside home can be the most ideal, one can try few simple stretch exercises to flex muscles such as sit-ups, knee and waist bends etc., or even try yoga, which is said to be another method of exercise. Yoga relaxes the body and can easily perform indoor. 

During monsoon, it is helpful in reducing and curing respiratory problems. These are the ways to exercise during monsoon but, what if you don’t feel like doing exercise? You can simply start cleaning your cupboard, shelves or kitchen. It will give you an equivalent benefit of doing exercise and can help in maintain hygiene.

These were few tips to enhance & protect your health along with enjoying the pleasant monsoon season.

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