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7 Low-Calorie Foods under 100 Calories for Weight Loss

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Coconut Water

Cutting calories is one of the most difficult parts of weight reduction. Many low-calorie foods leave you hungry and unsatisfied in between meals, making it much easier to overeat and indulge. Thankfully, there are many nutritious foods that are both satisfying and low in calories. 

It is recommended that you consume a well-balanced diet to maintain a healthy body weight. We've compiled a list of the best 7 foods that are under 100 calories that may aid weight loss. 

Low-Calorie Foods


Eggs can give several health advantages when consumed as part of a well-balanced diet. A growing amount of evidence shows that eating eggs might help people lose weight.  

Eggs are abundant in high-quality protein, vital lipids, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are beneficial for weight reduction. 


Oranges are also a good weight-loss snack since they're high in fiber, which makes them full and helps with bowel movements, and they're naturally low in calories. They're also sugary, so they'll fulfill your sweet tooth. 

It has a low Glycemic index. It effectively suppresses hunger and delays hunger. It aids weight reduction as a result of this. 

Coconut water

Coconut Water is a low-calorie beverage with only 20 calories per 100 mL and a variety of essential elements. It's a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. It's chock-full of bio-active enzymes that help digestion and metabolism. You burn more fat if your metabolic rate is higher. 


Apples are a low-calorie fruit with high fiber content and a low glycemic index. It immediately suppresses appetite while also delaying the sensation. Also, apples are high in beneficial flavonoids which may aid in the burning of abdominal fat. 


Bananas stimulate the body and may be used to replace harmful foods; nevertheless, they should be consumed in moderation. There's nothing wrong with eating bananas as part of a well-balanced diet rich in healthy foods if you're attempting to lose weight. 


Buttermilk is a wonderful source of protein and additional water, and it may quickly satisfy hunger. It can also be used as a healthy alternative for fatty and sugary foods. 

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