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Are You a ' Known ' Vegetarian?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Is vegetarian food good or non-vegetarian food? There is no clear cut answer for this question so far. Vegetarians believe veg food is good for the type of intestine we have. But non-vegetarians believe meat eating is good for their health. Anyway, recent researches support the former view and make a call for moving towards vegetarian meals.

Needless to say, that meat is a good source of energy. People in west consume more protein contained meat than plant based diet. This habit of eating meat can be justified as the climate of west is taken into consideration. The situation is different in tropical regions like India where  fatty food is not imperative. People who live in tropical regions should eat low calorie diet and avoid food like beef.

If you follow vegetarian pattern in your meals, you will have a lot of health benefits. Generally, vegetarians are free from many chronic diseases like diabetes , cardiac diseases, blood pressure, etc. Veg meals provide you long life because almost all vitamins, antioxidants and micronutrients that your body needs. The fibre in vegetables keep you safe from many lifestyle diseases like a diabetes and cardiac problems.

Some studies show that eating red meat causes major health issues in our life. The patients who are suffering from diabetes and cardiac problems are advised not to eat red meat. Red meat increases the quantity of LDL cholesterol in human body and becomes the cause of coronary thrombosis in many people. A large number of deaths are reported among young people every year. One of the reasons is the increasing red meat consumption and the resulting  premature deaths.

Another malady of modern life is cancer. Most of the victims of this fatal disease are non vegetarians. Though various reasons are cited for the cause of cancer, vegetables are  not among them. It should be remembered that eating beef will lead to intestinal cancer. This has been scientifically tested and proven beyond doubt.

There are also some other arguments about the two types of food. One of them is about the cost. Non vegetarian food is costlier than vegetarian one. A country like India cannot afford such an amount of money on food. Above all, more money is needed for keeping raw meat for a long time in comparison with keeping vegetable safe from being wasted.

It is the British who introduced the habit of eating meat in India. Their propaganda about  meat was that meat is the best source of protein and energy which was proved wrong later. Now the whole world has unanimously agreed the fact that vegetarianism is a better way of life. It is the one and only solution of leading a hassle free life.

Scarcity of food is one of the major challenges the world  is facing now. Human beings do not have adequate quantity of food they need on the earth due to increasing population. If everyone follows the way of vegetarianism, we can control the number of cattle we are rearing now for food. Then food items that the cattle consume can be kept for men. Thus, to a great extant, we can avoid poverty and make our planet a better place for man to live comfortably.

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