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Busting Myths - Good Food Mood

Sheetal Dhamecha
Sheetal Dhamecha

New Year is here. Trying to keep up the resolution of healthy diets excluding your favorite foods? What if you are misled… and the food that you’re excluding is actually good for you!

How about not doing away with your favourite foods, rather just doing away with frying, baking and cooking with loads of sugar, fats and salt! Not consuming large amounts but treating yourself in small portion size! Research shows that most of the problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, and blocked arteries are caused by the amount of food you eat and how the foodstuff is cooked. 

So, you can definitely grab the following food items after we break the myths associated with them for you. 


You avoid them thinking that they are high in cholesterol? 

Eggs are a greatest and the cheapest source of protein, as high as 6 grams per egg. They have blood pressure-modulating potassium, and biotin, which boosts insulin production to regulate blood sugar. Eggs are low in carbohydrates and calories when eaten boiled, not fried or scrambled. Eating one egg daily improves blood metabolite profile to lower the chances of your developing diabetes. 


Don’t wish to get too high on glucose and abstain from eating rice? 

Traditional lentil-rice meals are healthier than believed. Having white rice with half a cup of lentils, whole black beans or chickpeas significantly lowers the glycaemic load. Such combination reduces post-prandial glucose spikes and related health risks like insulin resistance and diabetes. 


Perplexed if they provide the right kind of proteins? 

Edible legumes or lentils are believed to lead to satiety due to the slow digestion. However, they are rich in not just proteins but carbohydrates too and can be relied upon to lower the risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes and various heart diseases. 


Don’t want to die eating and becoming a potato? 

Overall potato consumption does not increase the risk of early death, but eating French fries or fried potatoes more than two times a week doubles the risk of death. When not fried or cooked in oil, a boiled potato is low in calories and high in protein, fiber, immunity-boosting vitamin C, and vitamin B6, which fights stress by boosting levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. It also contains iron, manganese, phosphorus, niacin and potassium which help lower blood pressure. 

Eat wisely; eat rightly to have a happy and a healthy life. 

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