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Cancer without Fear - Natural Cures for Cancer

A chemical called B-17 (also known as amygdalin) is present in its natural form in many common fruits, most notably in the kernels of apricot seeds and bitter almonds. This chemical is only present in a tiny amount and has the ability to form cyanide if it reacts with an enzyme glycosidase which is practically non-existent in normal cells but is present in high concentration in cancer cells. As a result, when B-17 is consumed in the right quantity, it can detect and kill the cancer cells, leaving the normal cells untouched. 

Saurabh Khanna,  who wrote a booklet for the benefit of the cancer patient to get relief naturally by treating themselves with the help of naturally available material easily in the nature.  Saurabh is son of  Naveen Khanna, who was affected with cancer and got himself cured naturally. The Photo taken two months earlier with the cancer effect and the photo (after two months) with the cured features are quite visible. The PET Scan report of 17th January 2020 is also the evident that mild decrease in the cancer is also the result of natural cure as informed by Naveen Khanna to Krishi Jagran. 

So how much quantity of B-17 is good? Experts say that having five to seven kernels with breakfast would be ideal. For best effect, the body also gets vitamin A and will negate any ill effects of enhanced B-17 on the healthy cells. 

Interestingly, the modern world was made aware of the cancer curing benefits of Apricot seeds when British Researchers found that people of Hunza, a Kashmiri tribe, did not have even a single case of cancer. In fact, many of them lived up to 145 years and they looked much younger than their age.  

This led the British to study Hunza tribe`s eating habits and they were amazed  to see how their diet revolved around apricot and apricot seeds.

It is also recommended that eat 5-7 Apricot Seed Kernels every day to avoid Cancer.  Saurabh Booklet also suggests consuming the natural wonder food “Curcumin”, also the nutrient-rich Wheatgrass Juice. 

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