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Chicken or Mutton: Is Mutton Bad for Health, Know What the Nutritionists Say

Meat is an important part of a healthy diet for non-vegetarians. You have a wide range of options, from white meats like chicken and turkey to red meats like lamb (mutton) or pork. When you have a lot of choices, it can be difficult to decide.

Laavanya Arya
Difference between red and white meat, which will help you to improve your overall health, and battle other ailments.
Difference between red and white meat, which will help you to improve your overall health, and battle other ailments.

We have an exciting information for the meat lovers who avoid eating mutton or goat meat. They do it primarily because they believe goat meat is harmful to one's health. As a result, they would rather eat chicken. Many meat-eaters, however, are unaware that mutton, particularly the chops, has far more health benefits than chicken.

Many nutritionists have explained and compared the health benefits of eating mutton chops to those of chicken. You'll be surprised when you learn about these food facts. They will undoubtedly assist you in making a more informed decision when selecting the type of meat, you wish to consume.

What Nutritionists Says about Goat chops

  • Goat chops are lower in calories, fat, and protein than chicken chops.

  • Goat chops offer more iron and potassium than chicken chops, as well as less sodium.

Many people believe that chicken is a healthy meat to eat. Only specific sections of the chicken, however, are beneficial to our health. The rest are high in fat and may be harmful to one's health if consumed.

According to many Nutritionists, the fat content of the legs, wings, and thighs of chicken is substantially higher than that of the breast area. As a result, when eating chicken, the breast piece is always preferred.

Besides fish, many dietitians recommend goat chops and chicken breast as the next best meats to eat. So, just because of a popular misconception, there's no reason to ignore your mutton appetites. Instead, when you want to eat your favorite meat meal, you can have goat chops.

Here are a few difference between red and white meat, which will help you to improve your overall health, and battle other ailments.

Difference between red and white meat

Let's look at the differences between red and white meat in terms of nutritional value.

Iron content

The iron content of red meat is extremely high. Iron is found in 2.7 mg per 100 grammes of red meat. This is double the iron content that same portion of white meat has. 100 grammes of white meat has only 1.3 mg of iron content. As a result, red meat is the clear winner in this category.

The red pigment in red meat called myoglobin is higher, which makes it rich in iron.

Fat content

When compared to red meat, white meat has less fat. A 100 gramme portion of lamb or beef has 20 grammes of fat. Chicken and turkey, on the other hand, have only 14 and 7 grammes per 100 gramme, respectively. If you're watching your fat consumption, white meat is a better choice than red meat. White meat also has a higher omega-3 fatty acid content.

Amount of Protein

When it comes to protein content, there isn't much of a difference between white and red meat. Protein content is 25-30 grammes per 100 grammes in both kinds.


Vitamin B2, B3, B5, and B6 are abundant in both kinds. All of these vitamins are necessary for the human body's basic functions. Vitamin B12 levels are substantially greater in red meat. Vitamin B12 keeps blood cells healthy and protects DNA in your genetic material throughout your body's cells.

Heart Health

There is a substantial link between red meat consumption and poor heart health, according to numerous studies. The more saturated fats there are, the more heart problems there are.

White meat is high in selenium, while red meat is high in zinc. Selenium is necessary for both cognitive and cardiovascular health. Both the meats are high in phosphorus and calcium.


However, an excessive amount of anything might be harmful to one's health. As a result, if you're planning to eat goat chops or chicken breast, limit how often you eat them and how much you eat.

Remember, knowing which meats are safe to eat on a regular basis and which should be consumed just on occasion is a vital component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you choose the right cuts and make the right choices, meat may be quite beneficial to your body.

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